Top 10 youtube transcript generator websites for free 2023

convert YouTube and mp3 sound to text for free

Previously, we used to manually convert sound to text files and videos, as it took a long time and effort

Today in this post we offer you the best youtube transcript generator websites, plugins, and programs to Transcribe YouTube Videos, or personal videos into written text without spelling errors and is adjustable and edited into Word or PDF files.

Most of the sites are free to use, and some provide trial periods, but even the free sites convert speech and any voice into professionally formatted text.

best youtube transcript generator websites

Now we let you know the best sites and programs that provide the advantage to get transcripts of youtube videos online.


convert YouTube and mp3 sound to text for free

Best sound to text converter is a free web application that helps you get rid of the hassle of recording interviews recorded

Otranscribe converts audio files in mp3 format into text writing, and also with the new feature, you can find transcript of youtube video too easily and without getting tired.

It automatically records and saves your writings in the browser memory every second, and it also supports various video formats with the ability to play them

The way the site works is very easy just by entering the site, and we choose to start transcribing to show us after that two options, either upload an audio or video file to convert it into text or directly from YouTube by copying the video link

The site does not automatically convert audio clips into text but is designed to facilitate unloading audio files comfortably and conveniently to work.


convert YouTube and mp3 sound to text for free

Convert sound to text automatically, thanks to DIY Captions. Forget the old ways to empty audio files or video clips that were taking a lot of time.

Now you can choose any video from YouTube and convert it into text inside an editor that can be modified easily and comfortably

Just enter the DIY captions site, copy the video link on the site, and it will automatically convert the speech or lecture into written text for free


One of the best sites to transcribe youtube video to text without any spelling errors or problems

Whereas if you are a student or researcher, thanks to this site you can turn your speech to text,

Dictation can recognize and support various popular languages such as English, Spanish, French, Italian, and many more languages.

It also provides an extension for the Google Chrome browser that can be integrated, to access all the features and features quickly and comfortably

Web Speech API

convert YouTube and mp3 sound to text for free

It is one of the free and open-source programs that only enables you, through the microphone of your phone or computer, to convert your speech and speeches into coordinated and comfortable texts

Where the site is based on javascript API software, which facilitates the process of integrating it with websites easily

The web speech API supports various languages for spelling errors without errors and easily for students and researchers

convert YouTube and mp3 sound to text for free

Easily convert sound to text, whether from video clips or audio files, into conveniently editable and editable text

One of the most important advantages is that you can convert hours of audio and video into written text in a few minutes. The site is reliable. Be before tens of millions of journalists, researchers, and students.

Registration on the site is free, but it gives you 600 free minutes to use each month, if you want more just subscribe.

Speech to Text

convert YouTube and mp3 sound to text for free

Also one of the sites that help you convert speech and sounds into texts, and also supports converting audio files into text, as it supports various formats

For a consistent recording process, it is recommended to use a high-quality microphone. It also supports several languages such as English, French, Korean, Japanese, and many well-known languages.

Word/Google Docs

convert YouTube and mp3 sound to text for free

With the free version of Google Docs or Word, you can convert speech into written text.

Just from the "Tools" option, choose voice typing to start recording speech without the need for handwriting.

Also, you can convert any audio file into the text where when voice typing is activated, run the audio file that you want to convert into written text easily and accurately.

Bear File Converter

convert YouTube and mp3 sound to text for free

You can convert mp3 audio files to text online, without any software, and for free

Supports converting documents, images, and videos to written text

You can convert files and audio clips accurately and smoothly, unfortunately, it supports converting mp3 to text for only 3 minutes


convert YouTube and mp3 sound to text for free

Best video and audio text converter online, where you just upload the file or video to the site or copy the link of the audio or video file, to convert it into text and write

It allows downloading written texts to Microsoft Word, pdf format, and due to the large demand on the site every user can convert two minutes into speech and text each time

360converter also enables you to convert sound to text without an internet connection, and without any limitations in usage.

Supports various languages: English, Hindi, French,...etc


convert YouTube and mp3 sound to text for free

A program that converts various audio files mp3 to text, as it allows you to convert an endless number of files and documents into editable and editable texts

The program comes with a limited trial version for testing, and you can purchase to gain access to the capabilities and professional features


Emptying the content of audio and video files into texts and by manual methods has become a thing of the past.

Thanks to the annotated sites, which support converting various audio file formats into high-quality text in a few minutes.

It also allows converting YouTube videos into curated text without typos

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how to convert sound to text

Only using the sites and programs explained above, go to one of them, choose the type of audio file that you want to extract written text form, upload it to the site and it will automatically convert the voice and speech into written text without any spelling errors

is it free to convert audios, videos to text

In most of the sites, all sites allow the feature to convert audio files into texts for free, and some give you trial periods to leave an impression on you, and if you like it, you can subscribe for a monthly fee that is not large due to the quality provided

do I need to download any software?

No, you do not need to download any additional software because now you can use youtube transcript generator websites online free only from your browser


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