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10 Safe Search Engines for Kids to Browse the Web

  Safe Search Engines for Kids are the best options for parents to ensure them highly safely content while browsing on the web. also, these sites came with parental control apps to manage all your children's activities and give you the permission to decide where the app or the site is useful for your kids. also read: 10 learning apps for kids Kiddle Kiddle is a safe search engine for children that includes family-friendly websites, and also filters violent and sexual content from appearing.   Kiddle editors take care of themselves to monitor the sites and make sure that they are safe for kids, and also that no browsing information is collected because it is removed automatically after 24 hours. Kidssearch A family-friendly safe search engine for children, he uses google as a safe search tool to filter content. A non-profit site , meaning that no advertisements are displayed from any third parties, each site added is reviewed to ensure the provision of appropriate content for child

Delete duplicate files in all devices ( pc, mac, ios, android)

  Finding duplicate files in devices allows us to gain additional storage space, today in this article we offer you a detailed explanation of how to find all kinds of repeated files (music, photos, videos, documents..) and remove them permanently in all Windows and Mac computers, and in phones that have Worked with Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad). also read: check website safety software to find duplicate files Here are the best programs that can be used to find and delete duplicate files on Windows and Mac. Duplicate Files Fixer With duplicate file finder you can get rid of duplicate photos, music files, and videos. This is done by following these steps: Step 1 : Go to duplicate files fixer and download it for free and it supports various Windows systems Step 2 : After installing it, the program will automatically perform a complete scan of your computer files, it may take some time Step 3 : As we can see in the picture below, the program, after examining the system files, will compa

how to resume download in idm with multiple methods

Resume download in idm may cause loss of large files and loss of time, especially if the file was re-downloaded from the beginning. For today in this article we have provided simple steps and ways to resume downloading via idm from where it stopped. We have also explained in detail to resume idm downloads in another pc. how to resume download in idm when it fails to resume One of the problems that idm users suffer from is the failure to download, especially if the file is heavy in size and took a lot of time to download, here you will find the solution to resume failed download from where it stopped without starting to re-download it again. Step 1 : When you upload a file with a large size and after several hours the download fails and you see the message "disconnect". As in the picture below. Step 2 : To solve the problem, enter the idm program, go to the file that failed to re-download, and with the right mouse button, choose the "properties" option. Step 3 : The