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the new iOS Update 14.5:apps will never track you

Apple is finally announcing the update that many users have been waiting for, the iOS 14.5 update IOS 14.5 updates will come for iPhone and iPad phones, and it is considered the most important update in the history of Apple, the new update was announced after Apple announced its new product airtags Well, read on to find out which phones support the new version iOS 14.5, its most important features, and is it worth us to upgrade iPhone devices to the iOS 14.5 update? iPhone 12 pro storage full see features iOS 14.5 Update What’s new? The new update brings improvements in the protection of personal information and the privacy of users to prevent tracking of their online activities without their permission, as well as the possibility of unlocking the iPhone even if you wear a face mask, now we come to explain the new features separately.   unlock iPhone while wearing a face mask Using an Apple Watch, you can now easily unlock your device while wearing a face mask and without removing it,

Flubot malware steals your bank information and passwords in android devices

With all the capabilities and means taken to enhance protection from piracy, but there are some dangerous applications that threaten users' information and data and bypass various known protection programs. Now a new malware looms on the horizon that touches Android devices via text messages, this new malware called "FLUBOT", as it can infiltrate and steal users' data and sensitive personal information such as passwords. Here are the best applications to stop and block annoying calls and messages Flubot malware has spread to many Android devices via SMS, from the countries where it has spread to the UK, Germany, and Poland. This money appears to users in the form of a Delivery Tracking App, which will reach the user in the form of a link in its order tracking content All users have been informed that they have received suspicious links. They must be reported and avoid clicking on them, and the best solution is to completely remove the message and its content from the

How to increase USB transfer speed in just a few steps

  USB flash drives have become very popular in technical circles, due to the ease of transferring and sharing files or even storing and storing them for use at another time. But with the passage of time and long use, the USB flash drive becomes very slow in working or transferring files, of course, there are many programs that promise you to increase the speed of transferring files in the USB drive, and some of them may be disappointing and to no avail. check for a virus on your computer if you see these signs Today in this article we will present to you an effective way to speed up the work of a USB flash drive by configuring it, and without any programs or external tools, just by using the computer and changing some settings you will notice a big difference in the speed of transferring files how to increase USB flash drive transfer speed USB is small in size but has big data storage. You could transfer files from other devices via USB or vice versa. Weighing less time transfers means

6 symptoms of malware on computer if you see these issues

Viruses have become very common, especially in personal computers that are more targeted, but by using protection programs to check for virus we can avoid major problems. But sometimes even anti-virus programs become unable to investigate and identify new types of viruses and malware you might like : All windows software with one click and single setup file But today we offer you 6 signs of viruses that appear on your computer to show whether or not it was penetrated by malicious and harmful programs. list 6 signs of viruses on your pc Here are 6 symptoms of infected computer that if you find them, there is a high possibility that viruses and malicious programs have infiltrated your computer. Pop-up windows You will start seeing many advertisements pop up on the computer screen without knowing their source. Often this type of malicious program is called adware. Most of the ads are with sexual suggestions, or advertisements that tell you that your computer is hacked and download a pro

get 100 GB free online storage: pc, android & IOS

  100 GB free online storage, yes, dear reader, you can get it for free, and you will never need to pay or enter your credit card. You can benefit from it via a computer, or via a special application for smartphones, whether Android or iOS We leave you now to read and explore how to get free storage space for various devices 100 gb online web storage free Getting a large storage space is a must, especially for desktop computer users to store various files and images with high quality and protection The degoo cloud website , in the web version you can get 100 GB online web storage, yes it is 100% free It features an encryption system for your files you will get the best personal cloud storage, and with a degoo feed feature, you can remember your precious moments with family and friends The free package supports 100 GB storage for free, in addition to support for up to 3 devices for the same account Also, you can get 5 GB of cloud storage when you invite any friend who registers from you

All windows software with one click and single setup file

  When installing a new operating system for Windows, we have to download and install several additional programs that we need for our daily use such as: browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Edge), Or programs to read files in pdf, word, and other formats (LibreOffice, foxit reader), or protection programs, free image editing programs , programs for developers , and many other programs But today, thanks to the ninite site, it is possible to choose and install many programs and tools that every user needs with just one click, no toolbars, no press on the next button Applications and programs come with the latest updates, the ninite website service is trusted by millions of users, because it saves your time Ninite installer supports Windows operating systems with the following versions: 7, x, 8, 10 How to install multiple apps with one click on windows PC? Now we come to explain the steps for using the ninite website to choose and download the programs we want with just one click how ninite