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WhatsApp new update 2021: WhatsApp pay, self destruct message, and more

It is considered one of the most popular online chatting applications, with more than 2 billion users per month. As part of improving its services, WhatsApp seeks to add several new features to facilitate and update its use One of the most important features and additions that the company seeks to develop and add by 2021, we mention them WhatsApp multiple devices It is the feature that we all expect, which is to use WhatsApp on all devices at the same time Without resorting to WhatsApp Web. This feature will enable us to chat from our phones, tablets, or computers with the same account. WhatsApp self destruct message This feature allows us to send destructible text and video messages once they have been viewed for a certain period of time. face id for WhatsApp For a long time, we have been blocking chats using a fingerprint across the devices that support that. Now WhatsApp is seeking to develop the feature, using biometric systems such as the face recognition feature. WhatsApp vacati

top real websites to make money online 2021:ecommerce, online survey and more

  Are you tired of fake and scam sites that tell you you can make easy money online? Today we collect for you the best real websites to make money and get paid online, Reliable and secure pays without problems to succeed and achieve your goals you need money now, tomorrow As we know, in our current era, all our work has moved from reality to websites, and that is why we must keep pace with technology with all new developments Among the skills that have also developed are ways to make money, as working on the Internet has become one of the most important things that you must learn Among the many skills, we mention programming, writing articles, making videos, selling electronic devices, performing surveys, and other methods that are classified according to their difficulty. With the spread of fraudulent sites that take advantage of our effort and our time, we present to you today the best honest sites that pay you according to your effort. real ways to make money from home: This is a r

most interesting websites you should know it in 2022

the internet is full of useful websites, While browsing the Internet, we face some obstacles while searching for anything useful. It will help you reduce the waste of your time and save a lot of hard work on recherche. Today we offer you a set of important sites to meet your needs and facilitate all your operations These sites are considered safe and trusted by millions of users. useful websites list so here are the best internet websites that we think you should know about it : Privnote self destruct message Sometimes we want to send a note or message about an important or sensitive topic and we want it to be momentary or to be removed as soon as we read it. Of course, you might ask a question of how to make messages that self destruct, and be secure that no one can read it Privnote, It creates messages and notes that are automatically destroyed as soon as you read them with the ability to modify the destruction time as you like. One of its great advantages is the encryption of messa

Royalty free video footage sites: free videos without rights and without any limit to use

Royalty free video, Of course, if you are a content creator, YouTuber, or designer , you need high-quality HD videos and you are free to modify them and use them for commercial purposes, advertisements, or anything else. thankfully there is a lot of sites that give us the ability to use their videos stock-free. After a great deal of research, with the aim of getting the best sites that provide the service of obtaining videos without rights, with absolute freedom of use in social media, ads, affiliate marketing, youtube, content maker, designer ...etc. Here are these sites that contain huge libraries of free videos without rights and without any limit to use. read also: youtube thumbnail maker! Best free stock video sites: Most people watch over a billion hours of footage on YouTube daily. Instagram moved over video content. There is no need for a professional videographer to produce professional-quality video content for marketing and social media accounts. Discover our gallery of 100%

Essential software for new pc Must have in 2022

  Today, computer use has become an integral part of our daily life thanks to the free pc software that facilitates and organizes our work. Whether we are students, researchers, professors, website programmers, designers, artists, and whatever the nature of our work, we do not deny the importance of software that helps us to be creative and productive. With the large spread of paid software, we have to look for free and open-source alternatives to save money and be of good quality and safety in terms of use. There are many free and open-source software that every pc should download it like virus protection software, video editing software, recording software, and more computer software. list of software programs Well, if you use the computer daily, today we offer you the best free pc software that must be downloaded on every computer. Vivaldi browser vivaldi browser download It is a new browser that comes with unique and wonderful features that other browsers do not contain, and most o

best browser extensions 2021:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more

  Chrome extensions, of course, who does not know the famous browser Google Chrome Which is the fastest browser and used by many millions in the world Among the best features of Google Chrome are the chrome extensions and tools that are found on the chrome app store. The Chrome app store has a huge library of extensions that make surfing the internet easy. What is a Google Chrome Extension? It is a set of small programs that can be added from the Google Chrome App Store It contains millions of attachments that facilitate browsing and shorten the time to give the user a smooth and comfortable browsing There are many types of extensions for developers, readers, teachers, YouTuber, designer, blogger, even to protect your data there is a useful app for that and much more Why do I need Google Chrome extensions? if you are like me trying to get the best user interface and browsing the internet using google chrome or you are a reader, teacher, blogger, and spend a lot of time surfing on the