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How to use PS4 controller on PC run PlayStation 4 Dualshock console on your computer

  Playing games and enjoying them is a fun that only gamers know, including me. There are several devices for playing games and presiding over them: gamer computer, PlayStation versions, Xbox devices from Microsoft. But no one disagrees that the ps4 controllers are the best nowadays, especially the Sony Dualshock 4, but is it possible to run the ps4 controller on the computer, the answer is simply yes With the ds4windows website, you can enjoy the features of the PlayStation 4 Dualshock console on your computer, how is that, well, follow the following steps How to use PS4 controller on PC Step1: Login to the ds4windows website and a page like an image below will appear to you Step2: After clicking on the download now, you will be taken to the GitHub website, to find the latest version of the PlayStation 4 controller driver on the computer, as you can see in the picture.  Step3: After downloading the program, and to know how to run it in full, go back again by clicking on the ds4window

fixing electronics learn to fix any devices with few steps

  Electronic devices are subject to damage and repairing them consumes a lot of money, but how do you learn to repair any damaged device yourself and by following steps, instructions, and advice by professionals in the field. Today we offer you a site that is considered a great treasure to repair any device such as a computer that has been damaged, or a hard disk that has stopped working and you want to change it and do not know the ways, and many more. fixing electronics using ifixit iFixit can be considered as a social media platform for repairing damaged devices, as iFixit has its own search engine where you can search for ways to repair any device or screen For example, we asked in the search box how to repair an iPad in general, to get us a large list of items containing repair methods accompanied by an instruction booklet, answering questions by professional people in the same topic of research and thousands of solutions We randomly selected the topic of how to fix the backlight

5 best coding apps helps you Learn to code (Android & iOS)

No one will deny the role of programming in our time as it has invaded various industrial and medical fields. Learning programming was the preserve of desktop computers, but today there are programming apps to learn coding and skills with simple steps Where only from the screen of your phone, whether it is running Android or iOS, you will find several applications that facilitate learning different programming languages such as Python, Java, and others, which are used to develop websites, applications, programs here is: useful websites 2021 Can we learn to code on mobile? You can learn anything from your phone, including programming, making games and applications, designing websites, and much more. best Learn to code apps We have assembled some best coding software that will speed up the coding process and offer plenty of useful features. To make the project simpler we've put together a list of the best software packages to help developers choose their favorite apps. Enki: learn co