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Facebook new interface of earnings fees to creators

  Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the company will launch a new interface for content creators, to show them the difference in fees charged for their earnings on the platform. Mark stated that these measures are useful for people who earn a living by posting their creativity on Facebook and that all paid offers such as fan subscriptions, badges, etc. will be free for content creators until 2023 Mark also stated that in the event that he started charging fees, he promised that it would be less than 30 percent, unlike Apple and others. Mark has not yet announced the launch date of the new interface, but he said stay tuned for more soon It is also mentioned that there is a general conflict between Apple and Facebook, due to the privacy imposed by Apple in its update iOS 14.5, which prevents and allows users to control whether they want to track their movements and privacy over the Internet This is strongly opposed by Facebook, as it states that the Facebook platform asked us

10 most accurate calorie tracker app to lose weight (Android & iOS)

  calorie counter app, people began to know the value of health and sports activities in maintaining health and avoiding various dangerous diseases, which result from our wrong eating behaviors or the lack of regulation and rationalization of daily consumption of food. That is why we see many people who exercise but suffer from excess weight or may not reach any significant result, and one of the most important reasons for this is not to calculate the calories consumed per day that the human body needs, each according to his weight On calorie counting apps users can always check how nutritious an item is, or which is less harmful. A calorie counting app has no nutritional value for all its potential health problems. For this day and to help you reach the best fitness, we present to you the 10 best applications to calculate calories, monitor foods, and know the number of calories in them check out: learning apps for kids What is a calorie counter app? They are very practical application

Blocking Twitter in Nigeria for an indefinite period

  The social networking site Twitter has been suspended to an unlimited date in Nigeria, and according to a statement by the Nigerian Minister of Information and Culture, Twitter is carrying out abusive behavior against companies located in Nigeria. Twitter has a policy of abusive behavior On the other hand, Twitter's public policy team, in a statement published this Saturday, appears to be extremely concerned, and they will make all efforts to restore the platform's operation in Nigeria. Reuters also reported that Twitter was unable to reach some mobile companies in Nigeria and that it works intermittently in other telecom companies that are stationed in the country's large cities Lagos and Abuja In April, the first Twitter office was opened in Ghana , where Twitter cited freedom of expression and the freedom of the open Internet pursued by Ghana. read more: More than 500 million Facebook users' phones and emails have been leaked Facebook says Instagram lite will be av

Apple WWDC 2021: will announce new gadgets and software

  This year, the WWDC 2021 Developers Conference will be held online only, due to the covid-19 pandemic, where it is expected that Apple will unveil new tools and software on June 7 the new MacBook Pro & iOS 15 in WWDC 2021 During the WWDC event, programs were announced in the past, but now they will also announce new devices and gadgets, and one of the common news expected by users is Apple's announcement of iOS 15, mac os, iPad os 15, apple silicon, and computer What's new with the M1X MacBook Pro chipset What time is the WWDC 2021? The WWDC event will be held online from June 7 to June 11, where Tim Cook will deliver the opening speech. Those interested can watch the event at 10.30 PM ist. Also, note that some sessions are free, and others are exclusive and available to developers only who have paid $100 in registration rights. iPad OS 15 and iOS 15 So far, there is not much information about the latest version of iOS 15, as it will make changes to notifications and imes

Play old windows games online from browsers

  Have you played classic PC games especially in the old versions of Windows: Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows Me, if you are from the old generation, then you have certainly used one of these old versions of Windows. which was characterized by simplicity and its traditional style, especially with the development and updates that occurred to the Windows operating system and the latest version of Windows 10 With awesome potential. But whether you are from the old generation or the new generation, you will definitely want to try one of these old systems and some old classic games, to know and experience what our parents were doing, or if you are an old user, you will feel nostalgic for those previous days that might bring back some memories. Well, it's okay, today we will give you a way to test and run old versions of Windows to play classic PC games from your browser only and without installing any programs, through EmuOs emulator, which gives us an experience to simulate old W