10 free transcription software audio to text Will Help You Save Time


10 free transcription software audio to text Will Help You Save Time

Transcription software is a time-saving tool that allows you to transfer audio files into text documents. Sometimes, the process of transcription can be done manually, but things get complicated fast. Luckily, there are plenty of free transcription software programs available that help streamline the process and offer automated accuracy.

This list will help you find the best transcription software for you depending on your needs.

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10 Of The Best Free Transcription Software Options

While there are many professional transcription software out there, some easily gets confused with how to choose the best one. A software is a tool that will help transcribe your audio and or video to text. In this article we will list ten free transcription software that you can use right away.

rev transcription

10 free transcription software Will Help You Save Time

Rev is the only free online audio transcription software that helps you quickly convert your recordings into text. The Rev engine is completely automated so it requires very little interaction from you, and it performs the entire process in one sitting. You can now transcription voice or music message, record your Skype call or meeting and get transcribed as well!.

This website help individuals listen to an audio file and then transcribe it into words. The best part is that you don’t have to do anything. Click play, sit back, and let the machine work its magic.


10 free transcription software Will Help You Save Time

Have you done a business interview but don’t have a transcript? Or are you trying to transcribe an audio for your podcast or audiobook on your own? With OTranscribe you can do it yourself. It is free software that transcribes voice recordings. You simply need to cut and paste the recording and press “Start” button. The converted text will appear on the console, and you can save it for future use, or download the transcript file directly to your computer.

OTranscribe is free transcription software to turn your audio or video recordings into text. It is free for non-commercial use, and does not require an account.

Express Scribe

10 free transcription software Will Help You Save Time

Express Scribe is basic, free software that enables you to convert audio files into text. It includes a standalone audio player and a wav to text converter. Express Scribe integrates with online transcription services that accept .txt files for more permanent saved recordings. Features include single keystroke removal of silences between words, support for foot pedals, variable speeds and WAV playback right within Windows explorer.

Create text from audio files quickly with foot pedal or keyboard shortcuts. Extremely useful for people who have to listen to audio recordings for language studies, translations, lectures and many other situations.

Listen N Write

10 free transcription software Will Help You Save Time

Listen N Write is the popular English transcription software specially designed for those who want to transcribe audio file (music, conversation, lecture, etc.) for their own learning, for transferring speech-to-text data and for searching audio in files.  It allows you to play any audio/video recording and transcribe it using a word processor.

There are many features of Listen N Write which make it the most competitive such as: Free software, small size and ease of use.

The FTW Transcriber

10 free transcription software Will Help You Save Time

The FTW Transcriber is a popular Windows transcription software and Android offline transcription app that can help you transcribe audio recordings for free. With its intuitive interface and many time-saving features, it’s easy to learn how to start using this transcription software for yourself.

This transcription tool is gaining popularity among solo transcriptionists looking for an alternative to commercial software for their audio transcription projects.


10 free transcription software Will Help You Save Time

Trint is a free transcription application that uses artificial intelligence to convert audio and video files into typed text. Unlike other audio transcription software, Trint can do this without having to upload the file to their servers. You can upload the file directly on your computer via their website. Trint is actually an extension of one of the features in their paid version: Trint Analytics.

Trint analyzes your spoken words and breaks them down into small chunks, matching these with the correct transcriptions from built-in dictionary. then they apply some fancy algorithms and give you a final output. That's it!


10 free transcription software Will Help You Save Time

Vocalmatic’s speech to text free software allows you to transcribe audio recordings into written documents by simply pressing a button. The software can also be used for tasks such as creating an audio version of a book, recording song lyrics and more.

Whether you’re a student and want to transcribe your lecture notes, or you want the document of your meeting minutes, these automatic transcription software is a great way to get your hands on some easy to read transcripts in just a few minutes.


10 free transcription software Will Help You Save Time

What if you had a personal assistant that could transcribe your interviews, lectures, and meetings? With Transkriptor, you can easily turn your audio recordings into text transcripts in just minutes. Whether you spend hours every day going through hours of lecture or sound files for transcribing or you want to catch up with an old friend in a single call, Transkriptor will do the work for you. The best part is that everything happens online, so you can work with transcriptions from anywhere!

it can transcribe audio or video files in various formats faster than a choir in Gospel music. This online tool is a great alternative to expensive transcribing software, and it provides auto-correction and even cites the sources used to guarantee its accuracy.Transkriptor is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and Android.


10 free transcription software Will Help You Save Time

This free transcription software can easily convert audio or video into text. It's useful for transcribing audio and video in your own language, to get subtitles for your Youtube videos, or to extract the text from a recording.

using intelligent voice recognition software can transcribe voice recordings into text. Amberscript offers a variety of different audio transcription software and voice to text services to assist you.


10 free transcription software Will Help You Save Time

Maestra is the best speech to text software available on the internet: a time saving tool that transcribes audio and video recordings to accurate text. It is perfect for transcribing video recordings in multiple languages, translating speech to text, writing subtitles for videos, creating a foreign language version of your videos, converting audio books into "talking books", and even creating voice-overs for your work. Maestra makes it easy.

The 10 free transcription software ranges from free to premium. That is why it is important to evaluate your needs and select that which works best for you. Before making your decision, make sure that the features meet your requirements and the software offers what you are looking for to help transcription.


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