How to make money on YouTube: Comprehensive Guide

How to make money on YouTube: Comprehensive Guide

In the shadow of the spread of technology, the term YouTuber has spread, and they are a group of people or only one person who is considered content makers, as they present on the YouTube platform educational, entertainment, gamers ... and many areas that come to your mind today are on YouTube

Well, the content makers or YouTubers do not do this for free, they get very respectable sums, which made many people leave their jobs and focus on developing their content on YouTube

Today we offer you a comprehensive guide to profit from YouTube online to achieve respectable amounts of up to thousands of dollars, depending on your efforts and strategies.

One of the most important points that we will explain in this article: What do you need to profit from YouTube? The appropriate steps, legitimate ways to profit from YouTube, and a lot of important information that every beginner must know before starting their journey to profit from YouTube.

And before you start reading, you must know that profit from YouTube requires effort and work with perfection and respect for all conditions and idiosyncrasies, and that success will not be without waiting, patience, and following sound strategies.

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Is making money on YouTube available to everyone without exception?

Of course, if you have the talent and skills to provide specific entertainment, educational, and educational offers or services, or even if you are a beginner, you can start by creating a YouTube channel and developing your skills by learning and putting effort and passion in your content, and you will certainly reach what you want and more.

Why making money on YouTube is an irreplaceable opportunity?

You can shoot videos that help you communicate your idea or passion to the whole world in easy and simple ways.
Internet users are turning to YouTube to learn almost anything, and this is an advantage for those who have skills and methods that enable them to teach people about them and benefit from both parties.

YouTube has more than a billion active monthly users. Doesn't that make it the biggest source of traffic for your videos?

YouTube's profit-sharing system gave a great incentive for video producers to work more and profit more.

YouTube enjoys great confidence from users who do not use it only for entertainment, but is the largest source for learning and gaining experience and skills in various fields.

YouTube is not limited to content makers, but includes all areas such as photography, playing video games, doing challenges, ... and many different activities

In short, YouTube is an online version of cinema and television, but more sophisticated and innovative, and anyone in the world, without exception, can start making money from it, and you, dear reader, are you waiting for all the doors open to see your passion?

What do I need to start making money on YouTube?

1. The idea about YouTube channel

One of the most important steps is to find an idea for your YouTube channel. Choosing a suitable idea is one of the most important factors for the success and continuity of YouTube channels.

To know the success of your idea, you must answer two questions:

  1. Is the idea that you chose, you are really good at it

If you go back to the popular and popular YouTube channels, you will see that they are really good at what they do.

For example, if we watched a YouTube channel interested in video games and explaining everything new and providing all the minute details, then you will know that the person who owns the channel is very passionate and lover of his idea and what he is doing.

And he always strives to learn everything new and develop his skills and experiences in his field to present everything new to his followers.

I mean, my friend, if you want to become a YouTuber, you must have an idea that you love and know how to do it, to give you the will and motivation to continue and present everything new about your idea

    2.Is there an audience interested in what you offer in your channel?

Suppose your idea is about video games, and Reviao creates games on your YouTube channel, then you must measure the audience that follows this content.
One of the tools that make you measure the size of the audience searching for your content is the Google Keyword Planner, which enables you to enter keywords about a specific niche for your channel and gives you the monthly search volume for it.

Search YouTube channels for those that offer content similar to your idea, and note the number of subscriptions that give you the number of people interested in this content

Also, search on different social media for groups and pages that match your content and compare the percentage of interaction.

2. skills needed to be a YouTuber

Well, now you have an idea and researched the volume of interaction and studied the idea of your channel in all respects and the expected interaction that you want to target

Now you need the right skills that will help you achieve your goal.

You can start on YouTube as a content maker with simple equipment, but if you want to quickly grow your channel, there are enemy skills that must be learned and acquired.

We will provide you with a list of the skills you need to quickly reach your goal, we would like to note that you do not have to learn all the skills that we will mention, it is due to the nature of your channel, your content and what you need

The skill of diction, representation, explanation, and comment

You must have the ability to communicate information in an understandable and simple way to users, as you will take into account in this explaining difficult concepts, in a distinct and unique manner, or be yourself.

Photography skill

Of course, the quality of the video plays a big role in maintaining the users and gaining their satisfaction, of course, no one will want to watch broken, poor quality, and incomplete videos, which prompts you to learn different photography skills.

The skill of using montage programs and editing photos and videos

Of course, quality alone is not enough, as adding special effects gives the video a special taste, so you must be familiar with all photo and video editing programs, and strive to gain some experience in the field of directing

Marketing skill

On the Internet, to start to profit from it, you must learn the strategies of purposeful marketing, and YouTube is a part of the Internet that cannot be dispensed with marketing

That is why the beginner YouTuber must work to learn the art of marketing to promote their content, whether within YouTube, or through social media platforms, or by creating a special website for your channel

What do you do if you do not have the skill to make money on YouTube?

Of course, there are several ways for those who do not have any specific skills that we mentioned earlier, this thing is not considered the end of their ambitions to establish a channel and profit from it

Where you can rely on external sources to help you with montage, for example, or directing, and from external sources, we mention three of them:

Firstly, relying on a partner for your channel where you share roles,

secondly, contracting with one of the independents to perform a specific service for you, such as directing or casting for a certain amount of money,

thirdly searching in Freelance platforms in which they provide several skills for a certain amount of money, such as directing and editing, such as the Fiverr platform, in which you find more than a thousand services only specialized for YouTube channels

3. What do you need to start a YouTube channel?

All the skills that we mentioned earlier, which help you to profit from YouTube, cannot be implemented on the ground without suitable devices and equipment for each role as needed.

Also, all the tools that we will publish below, you do not have to have all of them in order to start profit from YouTube, the matter as we mentioned is due to the nature of your channel and your content

photographic equipment

Among the photographic equipment, your phone can be considered a professional photography tool, as well as lighting tools, background adjustment, sound recording tools, microphone

Photo and video editing software

Video editing software helps you to add cinematic touches and tricks to your videos, making effects and improvements to video quality and many more features that you will love

4. Investment budget

Of course, to buy equipment or rent certain services, you must have a certain budget to run everything your channel needs for growth and prosperity. Your channel is also considered a project that must be given a special budget that helps it develop and spread and reach your goals quickly.

5. business plan

All the elements that we mentioned above must be associated with an action plan, as they are considered like the king who manages his parish, so without an action plan that is based on an organized methodology, it will not reach success.

how to make money with youtube?

Create a YouTube channel

Of course, creating a YouTube channel is very easy, it is enough to have a Google account, and with simple steps such as choosing the name, picture, descriptive address of your channel, you will have a channel on the YouTube platform

Posting videos consistently and continuously

Start creating videos about your content and publish it regularly, and try to learn from the mistakes of your previous videos

And don't forget to keep spreading at a regular rate, even if the reaction was very weak at first

Do not neglect the views and opinions of followers about your channel and accept criticism with all transparency, and this also makes you develop quickly

Marketing your channel and videos

To market your channel and your content, there are several methods, including:

Create ai pages for different social media platforms with the name of your channel

Conducting paid advertising campaigns on YouTube

Asking followers, family and friends to publish your videos to reach the largest possible number of users

Connect with channels with the same content as you to promote your channel

Encourage subscribers to interact with your content and publish it on various social media

Start making money from YouTube

One of the most important and best ways to profit from YouTube is to participate in the YouTube Partner Program

It should be noted that for your acceptance into the YouTube Partner Program, there are many conditions that you must observe, which are:
  1. The channel respects the policies and privacy of YouTube monetization
  2. If your country is allowed to participate in the YouTube Partner Program
  3. You got 4000 thousand views in the last 12 months
  4. At least 1000 real subscribers to your channel
  5. You must have an account with Google Adsense and link it to the channel
And after you fulfill all the conditions mentioned and read all the terms and policies of YouTube partners, you can submit a request to review your channel by YouTube within a month, and their response comes with acceptance or rejection.

Important tips to make money on YouTube 

  • You must comply with copyright and not steal other people's content
  • Not to follow illegal methods to gain views or subscribers
  • Make an effort to create unique content that is consistent with Google's policies
  • Focus on the content at the beginning and do not care about profit from the first video, it takes months or years to reach what you want, so you have to be patient
  • Staying away from tradition, that is, you must come up with new ideas that are not yet on the platform, or you can from an old idea that you develop them in your own way to win subscribers
  • Your concern should be how you satisfy the viewers and the subscribers, by respecting their reservations and following their advice, as the customer is always said to be right.
  • Always work on gaining experience, by observing competitors who are in your field, and learning from them

how much money do you make per 1,000 views on youtube?

A question often asked by beginners, how much do I earn from YouTube?

The answer to this question cannot be accurate, but for a thousand views, the profit ranges from 30 cents to 3 dollars or more and this is due to several factors:
  1. Location and geographical distribution of viewers. Each country has its own accounts
  2. The nature of the specialization of your channel determines the ads that will appear on your channel, and each ad has a specific price
  3. Type of target group Profit from teenagers is not the same as profit from targeting adults
  4. The length of the video plays a big role in profit, so the larger the video, the greater the opportunity to display a large number of ads, which leads to an increase in profit


Profiting from YouTube can be an alternative for you if you are looking for a job

These were the most important tips and ways to profit from YouTube that we recommend sticking to

YouTube is an investment project like other projects that require patience and effort and work diligently to provide content that users love and are very popular.

Do not forget to give us your opinion at the bottom of the comments about 
How to make money on YouTube.


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