Android 12 leaks 2021:a new features and more improvement in apps

Android 11 is the latest version of the Android phone operating system from Google, as most phone users have downloaded the latest version from Google, but there are rumors hovering about the Android 12 release in February,

Android 12 leaks 2021:a new features and more improvement in apps

here are some of the features that are rumored about Android 12

Storage management more intelligent

Many of us suffer from that the applications take up a lot of storage space, but in return, we do not want to remove them,
the new feature expected in Android 12 enables you to do what is called hibernation for applications, the feature is already present in the open-source Android project AOSP,
whereby activating it on one of the applications the operating system allows to wipe memory Temporary storage that has been classified as hibernate

This feature may be more advanced and carry features that we do not know yet, but it will be a great addition to the Android 12 system,
it may not be felt by users of phones with large storage space, but it will be an effective help for the other class to keep the system on its smooth operation without weight or slow

System update via Google play: Android runtime (mainline module)

The most important feature added to Android 12, as Google will move from the Android runtime to the mainline project,
as it will allow system updates via the Google Play Store application, making it easier to access updates quickly and more smoothly.
ART is one of the basic elements in Google's operations. By updating, it will lead to more smoothness in the Android operating system 12,
giving it strength and performance in addition to improvements in the work of applications

Manage two apps in one task

It seems that Google has improved multitasking in Android 12, as the leaks indicate a feature to control and manage two applications running at the same time as one task.
It will be a great feature, especially for foldable phones and tablets, and it will reduce the screen's fullness with large applications that take up space on the screen, similar to this feature from Samsung's app pair on the one UI system, to open two applications simultaneously, I have the Microsoft Surface Duo devices the same feature

Improved game controller support

Google has always accelerated to satisfy the players, and that is also what will happen in the Android system 12, as it will work to develop and improve the efficiency of integrated game controllers from external media,
After exploiting the information obtained from the AOSP developers' Android system, they found themselves unable to control the noise, which is an important thing in games, and that is why Google will work on Android 12 to satisfy the tastes of players.
NVIDIA and Microsoft gaming consoles are expected to be invited and will be suitable for mobile game streamers.

Network mode with better restrictions

The arrival of the network management feature of Android 12 will enable us to control the applications connected to the Internet smoothly
According to XDA, the feature that comes in the operating system comes in the form of a blacklist, allowing some applications to use networks and isolating other applications from their ability to connect to the Internet.
Android 12, by enabling this feature, will provide protection for user privacy.

Support continuous screen capture

This feature was present in Android 10 systems, while Android 11, unfortunately, did not support this feature, and for sure there are some users who would like to see it in Android 12 systems.

Double-tap action

The double-click feature that came in Android 11 was great for making it easy for us to do many tasks and quickly access important features by just clicking, and for this, we can see several improvements regarding the click feature in Android 12
The feature is called Colombus, it enables users to take a screenshot, activate Google Assistant, and the feature may be activated and turned off when needed by users.

Sharing wifi password via nearby share

The feature that appeared in mid-2020 for Android 11 is the same feature of Apple Airdrop, which allows users in a specific area such as a neighborhood or square to share the password for WiFi networks.
It seems that the era of using passwords for Wi-Fi networks will soon end. It is expected that Wi-Fi networks will be shared via QR codes

In your opinion, which popular features you liked and would really like to see in Android 12, we welcome your comments in the comment box.

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