make money on facebook 10 ways (Full Guide)

make money on facebook 10 ways (Full Guide)

Since the emergence of Facebook in 2004, many users have tried to find ways to profit from it. The concept of making money from Facebook can be said to be vast, in short, because there are many ways and means that enable you to exploit the power of Facebook.

Before 2014, the profit from Facebook was only limited to marketing goods and products, until an audience network appeared that changed the profit methods of Facebook. The methods of make money from Facebook can be classified into direct profit, meaning that Facebook will pay you money, or profit indirectly, by exploiting high traffic for marketing purposes.

Today in this article we will present to you an explanation of the most important ways to profit from Facebook in all possible ways and means. We hope that you will pay attention to me and read the article to the end.

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The most important way to profit from Facebook

Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms that receive visitors from different parts of the world, which is what made any businessman or company invest in Facebook through marketing, and on the other hand, it created many opportunities for profit from Facebook for many.

Facebook was not satisfied with occupying the first ranks as the most popular social media platform, but rather sought to create ways to profit from it, whether directly or indirectly, which attracted many users and content makers.

We note, our readers, that the methods that we will explain to profit from Facebook will require you to create a page on the platform

1.Ways to profit directly from Facebook

In this stage, we will explain a variety of profit directly from Facebook, new and modern methods created by Facebook

make money off facebook videos

Facebook provides content makers and video publishers with a subscription to the ad breaks program, which places ads on videos to profit from them, similar to a certain extent the same way to profit from the YouTube platform

Where every Facebook page owner publishes videos, followers will watch the videos, and by activating the profit from videos feature, ads will appear to viewers that enable you to make money.

Well, the matter is not that simple, in fact, there are several conditions and criteria set by Facebook that page owners must adhere to in order to accept them in making a profit from videos

Conditions for activating the profit feature from Facebook videos

  1. Videos must be published from Facebook pages and not from a personal account
  2. The page should reach at least 10 thousand followers
  3. That the feature to profit from videos is available in your country and adapts to the language in which it is published, you can click here to view the countries and languages that accept the profit from Facebook videos
  4. You have received 30,000 views during the last 60 days, but the time for watching is at least one minute, and for videos that fulfill these conditions, the video time should not be less than 3 minutes
  5. You must meet the eligibility criteria set by Facebook, you can find them here
In the event that your page meets all the conditions for profit from videos, you can activate them directly by visiting the link here

make money from facebook apps

In 2014, the Facebook advertising company expanded its services to include profit from smartphone apps

Whereas if you are a programmer or have an application that works in smartphones with Android and iOS systems, so quickly register with the advertising company to place ads in your application that you can profit from and make significant profits

Now, dear reader, if you have an application and want to profit by placing Facebook ads in it, you can start by clicking here

make money from facebook games

If you are using the Facebook platform, then at least you have played one of the instant games, and for sure you notice ads inside the game when you start it

I mean, my friend, if you are a programmer or designer for simple games that fit the HTML 5 language, then you can profit from Facebook through instant games.

Whereas if you design a game, you will be able to place it in the list of instant games, so Facebook in its turn will directly place ads within it to make a profit from the game

You can start winning from Facebook through online games by clicking here

make money from facebook instant articles

The problem of heavy browsing of the Internet suffers from many users around the world, and that is why Facebook has devised a new way to quickly open articles called instant articles

The online articles feature makes it easy for users to open articles on the sites that are shared smoothly and instantly, as it is enough to click on the article to open it directly to the user

Instant Articles can be marked with the lightning bolt. Online articles can be used for free for website owners by activating them in simple ways

If you own a website and want to link it to Facebook to get rid of instant articles, you can start activating the feature by clicking here

Note: Profit from Facebook through videos, instant articles, online games, and applications is done through the audience network that gives you ad units, and also enables you to monitor your earnings and get them by withdrawing them

Audience network, it can be said that it is a subsidiary of Vesbom and is very similar to Google Adsense

make money from facebook marketplace

Facebook allows users to buy and sell various goods through the Facebook store, where the products will be published according to geographical distribution to reach the largest number of users in your country

Where through Facebook Market Plus, communication between the seller and the buyer is made directly through Facebook Messenger to agree and achieve the sale process and make money for the seller

2. how to make money from Facebook through indirect methods

Profit from Facebook through indirect methods depends mainly on the traffic power provided by the Facebook platform, as it is estimated that the number of Facebook visitors per month across the world is more than 2 billion monthly active users

The most important indirect ways to make money from Facebook

make money from Facebook by renting advertising publications to others

Whereas if you have a Facebook page with a significant number of followers and activists, here you can create paid ads for other pages or various products for a sum of money, as anyone who wants to make an advertisement will contact you directly, especially if the interaction is large, it will increase the opportunity for advertisers to communicate with you

This method can also work in Facebook groups, especially those that contain a large number of interacting users, you can take advantage of this interaction by placing paid ads as requested by merchants and advertisers

make money from Facebook through affiliate or affiliate marketing

The strength of the traffic that Facebook brings if it is used in smart ways lies in the profit of a commission or a percentage of the companies or sites that will be promoted

Whatever the type and content of your page, of course, there will be several products and services that you will be asked to serve to market and display their goods to the largest possible users

In the event that you find a product that gives commission profits, you can create a Facebook page to promote the product, and also for more interaction, you can create paid ads funded within Facebook to increase the profit rate

make money from Facebook by getting visitors to your website or blog

If you are skilled at writing articles and blogging in any field you like, then creating a website or blog will do the trick

Where you can create a page on the Facebook platform that has the same interests as your site

Where you will publish the link of your articles on your page on Facebook, to enter the site indirectly and bring the largest number of traffic

This traffic that you can convert to a way to earn money through several methods, such as opening an online store to sell products, marketing, and many other means that can be exploited

make money from Facebook by marketing your project

In the event that you own a project of your own, such as a restaurant or online store for sale, you will not find a place for marketing such as Facebook by creating pages that carry your own project,

Which gives a greater opportunity to spread in the arena and get to know it, you can also rely on ads funded by Facebook and target a specific audience to increase your chance of making a profit

make money from Facebook from marketing yourself as a freelancer

If you have several skills required in the online world, such as writing articles, editing videos, creating professional interlocutors, and many freelance work and mini-businesses

With Facebook, you can promote your activities and business to increase the chance of your knowledge and fame, as in our time the demand for freelancers has become a lot to do business sometimes it is very easy

Facebook and its ads are an opportunity for all freelancers to show their skills and business models to attract the largest possible number of interested users.


In this article, we covered everything related to making money from Facebook, whether direct or indirect

But these methods remain a small part, as there are many ways and means that Facebook can be exploited and profit from, especially in the marketing field

We ask our readers that this article will be useful to you and give you some motivation and a push to start and use Facebook to make money

If you have any comments or opinions we welcome reading them below the comments, and if you like the article, do not hesitate to subscribe to the page mail and publish the article through various social media platforms


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