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5 software to bypass android lock screen without data Loss

5 software to bypass android lock screen without data Loss

 We are all exposed to situations in which we lose access to our phones, and for this day we offer you the best android removal software.

In the event that you forget the password or the screen of your phone terminal, it will enable you to bypass all kinds of screen locks such as passwords, fingerprint, pin, face look, and pattern, easily and in record time without causing any damage to your phone

Will I lose my data after using android lock screen removal software?

If you use 4ukey for Android lock screen removal, yes, you will lose your phone data,

But the other programs that we have explained below will not lose any of your data and will not leave your phone in any harm

is android lock screen removal free?

Yes, all the programs described below to decrypt any type of phone lock are free to use and are compatible with various Windows and Mac operating systems.

reliable and best android lock screen removal software 

Tenorshare 4uKey for Android

one of the best software to learn how to unlock android phone password without losing data, 4ukey for android mobiles helps people to remove android lock screen and other locksets: Pin, pattern, and fingerprint lock.

this lock screen removal tool supports various versions of Android and OS phones to unlock the screen easily and 100 percent security.

Among the features that he recently added to Samsung phone users, they can bypass Google verification and delete the Samsung account without a password and easily.

how to remove lock screen android

After you've downloaded 4ukey to your computer, now we'll go over to following steps about How to Unlock Android Phone Without a Password:

step1:Run the program and connect your Android phone to the USB cable, then the program will automatically determine the type of device and the system and download the driver that corresponds to it

5 best android lock screen removal software

step2:After your Android phone is connected to the computer, you will have to choose one of the two options: remove screen lock, or remove Google lock FRP,

 we will choose in our case to unlock the Android screen the option to remove screen lock

5 best android lock screen removal software

step3:When you press the start button, a warning box will appear, telling you that if you choose Yes to remove the unlocking of the phone, this will necessarily erase all your phone data, since all that matters to us are to remove the lock from the phone, we choose yes

5 best android lock screen removal software

step4:At the end, after a few minutes, you will see that the process has completed successfully and the screen has been unlocked

5 best android lock screen removal software

Dr.Fone is not just an android data recovery app also can remove the android remove pattern lock in less than 5 minutes.

This android lock screen removal app can bypass and remove: pin, pattern, fingerprint, and passwords, and it is compatible with various mobile devices such as Samsung and LG without fear of the loses of device data.

how to use dr fone to unlock android

now let us see the steps How to Bypass Android Lock Screen using :

step1:We download the program and run it, and from the options, we choose the screen to unlock

5 best android lock screen removal software

Then we connect the Android phone to the computer via USB cable and choose the unlock Android screen

5 best android lock screen removal software

step2:Now you must choose the type of your phone to unlock the screen easily, it supports various types of phones Samsung, LG, Huawei, and many more

5 best android lock screen removal software

step3:Now at this stage, we will prepare the phone to enter download mode by doing the following: Turn off the phone, press, in order, volume down + home button + power button

Then press the volume up button to enter Download Mode

5 best android lock screen removal software

step4:After the phone has entered download mode, it will automatically download a recovery package, just wait for it to finish

5 best android lock screen removal software

step5:Now when the download is finished, you can click on remove now, as it will remove the lock screen without losing data,

5 best android lock screen removal software

 then you will be able to access your phone without entering any password or pattern


wipelock android lock screen removal software free guaranteed with no fear to lose any device data.

You will not need any experience to use the program, suitable for bypassing various types of phone locks: pin, pattern, passcode, and fingerprint in just a few minutes.

Compatible with various phones running on Android 7.0 systems and above.

how to unlock pattern without losing data

Now we come to explain the steps Remove Android Lock Screen using wipelock:

step1:After connecting your phone with the cable to the computer, you will see an option to remove the screen lock from your device, press start

5 best android lock screen removal software

step2:We prepare the Android phone to enter download mode, by pressing: we turn off the phone, press the power off + volume down + home button, and then press volume up to complete the process

5 best android lock screen removal software

step3:the lock screen removal software will start downloading recovery packages, we will wait until he finished 

5 best android lock screen removal software

step4:At the ends of the process will show you that the removed password has been completed 

5 best android lock screen removal software

iMyFone LockWiper

the best tool to remove android lock screen with easy steps, he can bypass several types of locksets: pin, pattern, password, and fingerprint lock screen, Supports more than 6000 Android devices and tablets, in addition to the various versions of Android 10.0.

It also gives the advantage of bypassing and removing FRP / Google account verification without password for different Samsung phones, helps you remove your device from all the different accounts, without fear of Data Loss.

how to remove lock from android phone

Steps to help us remove passcodes in addition to the pattern, pin, fingerprint, and face lock easily:

step1:We choose one of the options that we want to solve: remove Google lock FRP or remove screen lock

5 best android lock screen removal software

step2:You connect the Android device via USB cable to the computer

5 best android lock screen removal software

step3:In the end, the process is completed successfully and your device has been unlocked, and you can use it with all its features

5 best android lock screen removal software


this remove pattern lock android software guaranteed and safe to use, also could remove other lock screen lockset like face lock, pin, password, and fingerprint in just 7 minutes .

It was built with algorithms capable of decoding and bypassing any Android device, compatible with Android 7.1 and above, and works with various types of phones such as Samsung Galaxy S, Note, Tab, LG, and many more.

It does not cause any damage to phones, and also during the unlocking process, you will not need to remove your device data.

remove mobile pattern lock

let's see now how Easily Remove Android Screen Password using iSeePassword:

step1:Connect your Android device to the computer

step2:Then enter it in download mode with the same steps we explained previously

step3:In the end, the process will take some time, to let you know that the Android device has been successfully removed.


These programs are used in many cases of forgetting the password, or the screen of your phone was broken and you could not enter the pattern correctly, or your phone was exposed to a virus or technical defect that made it difficult to access the phone.

We hope in the end that you like this list of software to bypass android lock screen without losing data.


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