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delete all tweets on twitter at once up to 10000 tweets for free

delete all tweets at once for free 2022

 Delete all tweets can take a lot of time if we do it manually. That's why we need to use tools to delete all tweets at once becomes necessary. Because there are many harmful or useless tweets in different user accounts that require total deletion.

Today we will present to you the 3 best free tools, with differences through the options and features that each tool offers separately. The important thing is that they all allow automatically delete tweets at once instead of being the traditional method that requires deleting individual tweets.

There are some services that require a monthly subscription or a one-time purchase to delete all Twitter tweets. So, today we make it easy for you to get these services for free.

Warning: When you use the tools to delete tweets in bulk or individually, they will disappear forever and cannot be retrieved from your account again.

So, before starting the deletion process, please make a backup copy of your Twitter tweets to keep them in the form of an archive.

how to backup Twitter Archive and tweets?

Before the final deletion of Twitter tweets, some users may want to keep a backup copy of all their tweets on their computer, to be secured and inaccessible in the form of a Twitter archive. Well, here are the steps for how to backup all Twitter tweets:

  • Log in to Twitter, then click on the “more” icon and select the “settings and privacy” option.

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

  • From the "your account" option at the bottom, click on "download an archive of your data".

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

  • By clicking on "request archive", you will be able to request that a copy of your data be sent to your email address associated with the Twitter account you want to delete all tweets from.

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

In the end, you will receive an email containing a zip file, when you open it, you will find another file in the index.html format that you can open with any browser. To show you all your tweets that you posted, and now that you have backed up all your Twitter account data, be sure not to fall into the hands of any unwanted person. Now use one of the methods below that will help you to delete all tweets.

twitter mass delete tweets

Deleting all tweets obviously is not a good idea, what if you want to delete some tweets in the future because of the wrong time to share. In order to keep your Twitter account safe, we suggest 3 tools that help you mass delete old tweets.

Delete all tweets via the TweetDelete tool

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

Tweet delete may seem to have a simple interface, but it is very effective and easy to use, as it enables you to delete 3200 Twitter tweets for free without any charge, so if you have a lot of old tweets and want to erase all tweets with the click of a button, then this site is most likely suitable for you.

How to delete tweets from TweetDelete

Here's how to delete all tweets from Twitter at once:

  1. Go to, and log in with your Twitter account

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

  1. Agree to the terms and conditions and rules of use of the site by clicking on authorize the app.

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

  1. After you give tweetdelete control over your Twitter account. Now you can delete all tweets before a certain date (from the beginning, the last week, a month, or a year).

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

  1. Finally, click on the delete my tweets option, and the site will start delete all old tweets regularly. The site gives you the possibility to delete 3200 tweets from your account for free, if you want to delete more, you must subscribe.

P.S:The site may take a few hours to be able to delete all the specific tweets, especially if they are many, and in some rare cases you may see problems displaying tweets on the home screen due to the massive deletion of Twitter tweets. If this happens to you, just wait for some time for the matter to be resolved or contact the Twitter technical support department to fix the problem in your account quickly.

Also, tweetdelete will publish tweets in your name informing you of the deletion process, or it will ask you to follow its official account on Twitter, and both of these can be turned off through the tweet deletion settings.

Delete all tweets via Tweet Eraser

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

The best tweet deleter is the same working principle as the tweetdelete tool which also allows to delete 3200 tweets, but the tweet eraser tool adds some other features by filtering, searching and specifying what you want to delete more precisely in case you don't want to delete all the tweets.

These , auto delete tweets tool comes in several versions, the free version enables you to delete old tweets by year only with limited filtering options, and the "standard" version allows you to delete all tweets together for a monthly subscription of seven dollars. The "PREMIUM" version delete all tweets at once with advanced filtering options and the ability to back up tweets, at a cost of $10 per month.

How to delete tweets from Tweet Eraser

  • On the homepage, choose the free version and click on "sign in with Twitter"

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

  • You will be taken directly to a page asking you to log in to your Twitter account, and you agree to accept all the terms and conditions of the modification to the site.

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

  • Finally, when you select everything you want to delete, click on the "delete tweets" option to start the process of deleting tweets.

  • delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

Delete all tweets via Delete Twitlan

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

The best tweet deleter tool that allows you to delete multiple tweets, but compared to its predecessors, it may be very limited because it does not allow to delete hundreds or thousands of tweets at one time. Rather, you have to manually delete Twitter tweets, as it gives you the ability to delete 50 Twitter tweets at once.

It may seem negative, but the tool does not have a maximum limit on what can be deleted, and therefore we consider it the most appropriate option to completely delete all tweets, especially if it has reached the maximum limit in previous tweet deletion services.

How to delete tweets from delete.twitlan

  • On the main screen of the site, click on the “sign in to your Twitter account” option.

  • An interface will appear asking you to accept the required permissions for the application to be able to continue.

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

  • On the page you will see the last 50 Twitter tweets from your account, you can select them individually or collectively.

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

  • After selections for Twitter tweets, click on the "delete the tweets permanently" option.

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

  • Repeat the process several times to completely delete tweets archive

Note: There are some errors in the process of total deletion of Twitter tweets at once, which is the problem of displaying the main tweets. If this malfunction occurred to you, just write to the technical support of Twitter, deleted tweets will not be recovered.

What should you do after you delete all tweets?

When you delete all Twitter tweets from your official account using external applications and sites, there is a final necessary step that must be taken to prevent the external services that you previously used to delete tweets from accessing the various powers of your account.

For this most appropriate option is to cancel the access of these services after the completion of their use, by following the following steps:

  1. Go to your Twitter account settings or directly via this link.

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

  1. In the "apps and sessions" options, click on the "connected apps" tab.

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

  1. Through the list of services that have access to your account information, such as tweetdelete and others. Click on those for deleting tweets.

delete all tweets from Twitter with just one click

  1. You will find a set of options and at the bottom the option "revoke app permissions", click on it to remove the possibility of the application accessing your account.

These were the best ways, explained with pictures and in a practical and easy-to-use way, but if you know other ways to delete all tweets, we are happy to read them in the comment box.


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