5 most popular open source software for windows 2023


5 most popular open source software for windows 2022

If you want free open source software, you have several options, and to distinguish between the good and the bad, today in this article we will present to you the 5 best free software that works on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS.

among the criteria we have adopted in choosing this free software, free, open-source You will not pay any money, available to everyone and subject to personal modification by the user, as well as complete freedom to distribute it for any purpose whatsoever.

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list of 5 free and open-source software


Top 5 open source software in 2021

the open source media player is very suitable for those looking for alternatives to the VLC media player, which supports playback of different codecs, meaning you do not need to download codecs supplémentaires.

Among the features it contains is the ability to control playback speed, supports adding subtitles, and you can also modify the appearance of smplayrer from the skins icon.

One really nice feature is that when you saw any movie or any video clip and you left the video at a certain time and period when you open smplayer again it brings you back directly to the same point you stopped at.

With its support for more than 30 languages, the ability to download any direct subtitles, and its use of the MPlayer engine, a lot of features make it on the list of best free software.

Smplayer is a free open source media player for download and for free distribution under the gpl license, it supports Windows in various versions XP,7,8,10, Vista, and Linux.


Top 5 open source software in 2021

BleachBit is The best free and open-source option to clean the hard disk and gain additional space by cleaning important files and also works to increase the efficiency and speed up the system.

This Free Registry Cleaner and disk space cleaner tool contain several advantages and features that make it the best alternative to open programs such as CCleaner, it protects your privacy, performs various files such as data cache, scans cookies, cleans Internet browsing history, and temporary files.

it also has the feature of cutting files to ensure that they are not retrieved, and wipe traces of deleted programs.

Bleachbit not only works on speeding up the system and wiping the logs of various internet browsers,
but it also enables you to remove various programs installed on the system from their roots such as Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, Skype, and many other programs, it works to shorten the time with one click.

And several additional features that we leave you to explore with this open source tool, you can get it on Windows and Linux, and a special version for Mac OS devices.

Visual Studio Code

Top 5 open source software in 2021

Visual Studio Code, Code editor program provided by Microsoft, completely free for personal or commercial use, built on open-source under the MIT license.

The program's programming code is downloadable to the GitHub platform and for discussion and modification by the community.

Among the features that meet intelligence supports are for code recognition and automatic completion of writing it, automatic correction of bug errors directly from the editor, support for working with git and SCM commands, Customize and changing the writing pad. You can also create shortcuts from the keyboard according to your desire to facilitate the coding process.

You can add several new languages and correctors and several features by installing the supplies, these supplies will not slow down the program.

The user interface is comfortable on the eye, open source code editor is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS operating systems.


Top 5 open source software in 2021

It is the best free software alternative to MS office, in one package that contains 3 editors to make up for the popular programs such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

When you open the program, you find three open tabs, namely: document, which is an alternative to word, spreadsheet, an alternative to Excel, and as an alternative to PowerPoint, a tab called présentation.

Onlyoffice also has an online version, secure and protected for use in your business and projects
That is why if you want to preserve your budget and are looking for alternatives to the Microsoft Office package, and the most important thing is free and open-source.

onlyoffice is the best option available, supports various Windows, Mac OS systems, and also supports applications for mobile phones running on Android and iOS.


Top 5 open source software in 2021

The first free open-source program is the Waterfox Web Browser, it was built on the chromium feature such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Waterfox similar to the browser rich in definition Firefox.

Unlike Firefox, which collects several data, Waterfox collects only the type of system used and the last version you use from the browser to receive updates as soon as they exit, meaning that it can be classified as a friendly browser for the user's privacy.

Waterfox also allows you to use all Firefox plugins, with thousands of themes and tools to download.
When you run Waterfox, you will see that it is somewhat similar to Firefox and that it maintains several similar features and features.

It comes for the first time with a default Bing search engine, you can change it by entering the notes and choosing between several default search engines such as Google, Yandex, duckduckgo, or add any engine you like.

You can also change the browser themes according to your desire by going to the menu and choosing add-ons. Upon entering you can manage the extensions that you have installed, and you can also change the themes to dark mode to reduce the annoying lights.

open source web browser also comes with a screenshot tool, which is very useful to use, choose any page, go to three points, and choose to take a screenshot, to show you several options to shoot the whole or choose a specific part.

Waterfox is freely available for use on all Windows, Linux, and Mac OS systems.


This was a most popular open source software for various activities and tasks. Do not forget, dear reader, to give us your opinion in the comment box about it.


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