8 free videos editing softwares for 2023

Top 8 free videos editing software for 2021

best videos editing software for Windows, Linux, mac... it does really not matter if you are a beginner to use them in a simple project like youtube or Instagram stories or you are a professional needing more features and effects on your work.

there is a free video editing software for your need, in this article, I will give the best video editing software for beginners, no watermarks, able to export projects in high resolution at least 1080p, and no time-limited

List of best free software for video editing

vsdc free video editor

Top 8 free videos editing software to  for 2021

video editing software for windows only, it is similar to expensive programs like Adobe Premiere Pro and filmic pro. we put it on the best video editing software list because it has useful features.

there is two versions, vsdc free video editor can add visual and audio effect Divided into 5 easy-to-navigate categories, the blending mode, Instagram-like filters feature gives you Instagram-like filters to edit and apply them to videos with just one click.

vsdc free video editor, It allows us to create masks of different shapes and add them to different shapes for the video, with special effects for masks. The common use of masks is such as masking an identity or removing unwanted marks.

Motion tracking to easily track movements inside the video, it enables you to edit clips for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Vimeo, in addition to the subpixel accuracy feature to make the animation accurate and smoother.

Supports all popular video formats, editing clips up to 4K resolution, fast converting video formats, desktop vidéo capture, DVD burning tool.
With an easy-to-use user interface and the features, we mentioned earlier, this video editing software is the best for Windows users.

shotcut video editor

Top 8 free videos editing software to  for 2021

Free and open-source program for editing various formats of video clips and images, was launched in November 2004,supports a huge library of image and video formats, camera photography, audio recording, supports video editing with high resolutions up to 4k, easy to use for beginners.

Audio feature: to control the volume level and add special effects, support mixing sounds, tone generator, stereo, cutting and adding parts to audio clips, and many more features.

Vidéo effects: video compositing and color correction, blending mode, video filters, cutting and merging clips, splash adding, 360-degree video effects, speed-up and slowing of clips, and much more.

It supports Windows 7 or above for 64-bit versions only, as well as for Linux and Mac OS systems, and has a portable, portable or regular version.

videopad video editor

Top 8 free videos editing software to  for 2021

videopad free video editing software without watermark, it is a good solution for the beginner, with a lot of cool features to make your own creation for youtube, Facebook, and more.

this video editor is easy to use, support all popular videos format, with 50 visual transitions effect to give your professional touch to your movies, you can burn upload and share movies to DVD, and 3d and 360 video editing.

videopad one of the fastest video stream processors available in the market works with windows system 64-bit version only, mac os x 10.5 or above.

it has free and pro versions, the free versions support advanced features like Stunning Video Transitions and Effects, export videos in high resolution up to 4k.

just drop or drag your clips to video editing, apply some effect, then it will be ready as fast it can.

davinci video editor

Top 8 free videos editing software to  for 2021

It comes on top of our list of one of the best videos editing software, Its professional features compete with the popular paid programs.

Davinci Resolve is the only program that combines editing, color correction, visual effects and animation in one tool,a stylish and modern user interface that is quick to learn by beginners, and a professional tool for professionals in the field,

Davinci Resolve enables you to work quickly and support high-quality clips and images, you will not need additional programs or tools,as it is a studio for you alone, and the most important thing is if you learn how to work on the program, you are using and have the same knowledge as Hollywood professionals.

Hollywood directors use it for feature films and various television programs, for its quality and professional tools,and the program won several awards that made its competition almost impossible, with the best voice and professional features for editing videos.

hitfilm pro

Top 8 free videos editing software to  for 2021

HitFilm Express video editing software free comes with professional VFX tools that give you the ability to edit clips and content like professionals, suitable for beginners in YouTube, gamers, or any content without paying a single penny.

It comes in a free version, but there are additional effects and benefits that start at $ 10, but the features in the free version really satisfy the requests of any content creator
It comes with a built-in voice recorder, VFX grade, 2d, and 3d video editing, with more than 400 effects for your projects with support for 4k videos,
also gives you free video lessons for starters suitable for beginners, compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems.

What are you waiting for to join over 5 million filmmakers and creators?

lightworks video editor

Top 8 free videos editing software to  for 2021

The program is also free, but there are paid versions to get several additional benefits, used by Hollywood producers to direct and movies,
such as The Wolf of Wall Street, Heat, and many other films. It is recommended for professionals due to its constant updates of the tools and various effects.

openshot video editor

Top 8 free videos editing software to  for 2021

100% editing free and open-source video editing software, user-friendly interface, easy to use, suitable for beginners, contains powerful and great features and features for editing various video formats.
  • Trim and slice: easy and simple ways to trim videos quickly.
  • Animations and keyframes: You can easily control animation, fade, slide, and many other functions.
  • Unlimited tracks: Add an endless number of sounds to the backgrounds and videos that you need for watermarks
  • Vidéo effects: You can remove backgrounds from videos, add colors, and more
  • Many features include: audio waveforms, 3D animations, title editor, slow motion, and support for more than 70 languages
Compatible with various operating systems, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

    imovie pc

    Top 8 free videos editing software to  for 2021

    Free video editing software for iOS and macOS, it is easy to use, it enables you to edit Hollywood-like clips, and supports 4K videos, you can also use it on iPad and iPhone.

    It contains many different magic effects to add a special touch to your videos, any beginner can edit using it like a professional, add photos and videos, have the ability to cut them, add steamless transitions and different audio clips.

    And several powerful features, such as Green Screen Effect, filters, and it works smoothly on various devices and without problems.


      Top 8 free videos editing software to  for 2021

      One of the best free video editing software supports Linux, Mac, and Windows, it is open-source, with many filters and effects,
      and an easy-to-use user interface, we do not recommend it for Windows at the present time until it addresses some of the errors.

      this was the best free videos editing software to make stunning videos or to add effects to impress your audience.


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