5 free code learning websites without a Degree

5 free code learning websites without a Degree

Since you are looking for the best free coding websites to learn programming, you are definitely passionate about this field, or you are a beginner and want the best resources to master all programming languages, especially since the future sees that it is based on computer science in its various specializations.

Today we will make every effort to give you the best sites to learn to program, and for sure you will find everything you need to start your journey in the world of programming, and from reliable sources.

In this article, you will find a large variety of the best websites to learn free and paid to program.

The platforms do not contain lessons in programming only, but also give you tests and challenges to develop your skills, most platforms are used by millions of programmers around the world to exchange experiences

You will find what distinguishes each platform and its characteristics

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best code learning websites

We have been keen to provide the best platforms that facilitate learning programming languages according to the nature and perception of any person, and most platforms depend on them by millions of programmers, and for this, you will definitely find a platform that suits your way of learning and helps you


udemy free courses

5 best free coding websites for beginners to learn any programming languages

The udemy platform is one of the most popular online platforms to learn to code, even if you are far from the world of programming, you will surely have heard or read about it.

As the platform provides thousands of educational courses, not only in programming, but in all fields that come to your mind, and in all possible languages.

Features of the udemy platform:

  • The educational courses come in the form of high-definition and high-quality videos, with two exams and quizzes to tell your absorption
  • You can read reviews on educational courses to choose the best one easily
  • Knowing the number of participants in the course and the last update of the course
  • It contains free and paid courses, with discounts on most courses
  • The course contains a section for discussion and asking questions between students or the course presenter
  • When you purchase or acquire any course, it remains valid for life, meaning that it does not have a specific period
  • Put notes or tags on the videos
  • The lessons are provided by people with experience in the field, as you can find several explanations for the same field
The courses are presented in a practical way and not in an academic way as we see in universities, and any platform in Uudemy is not without some flaws, as it is possible for anyone to create a course and publish it on the platform, that is, during browsing the site, the best must be carefully chosen

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free courses harvard

5 best free coding websites for beginners to learn any programming languages

The edx platform is a non-profit learning site that was established by the MIT Institute and Harvard University, to provide various free educational courses lessons for all segments of society from different parts of the world

The platform contains the best quality courses that have been developed and presented by various universities and giant technology companies in various fields and fields

One of the best courses offered for free online learning in the field of programming is the cs50 course provided by Harvard University, which can be said to be the best start for beginners to gain basic programming experience and concepts

All the existing courses are free to learn, but if you want to obtain a certificate approved by the institution or university providing the course, you must pay an amount of money about 50 to 100 dollars

If you are someone who suits academic education and are comfortable with university methods, this platform will definitely be the best choice for you


udacity free course

5 best free coding websites for beginners to learn any programming languages

The udacity platform offers many courses and learning materials in various fields, in cooperation with many leading companies and giant institutions in its field.

Among the companies that cooperate with this platform, we find Google, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, and many companies trying to make academic learning more compatible with the requirements of the labor market.

Among the courses, on the platform, we find: computer science, software engineering in various programming languages, cloud services, artificial intelligence, and information security

The platform attracts great admiration from users, especially as it helped them to obtain certified certificates that prove their worth and skills in all fields.

The only disadvantage of this platform is that the price of paid courses is a bit expensive and may not be suitable for beginners


online course

5 best free coding websites for beginners to learn any programming languages

It is one of the most famous educational platforms that cooperate with the best giant companies and international universities to provide educational content at lower prices than its true cost.

You can study any course on the platform for free, but you will not get all the privileges, such as questions and the practical side of the course

To obtain these privileges and features with an approved certificate, about $ 50 to $ 100 must be paid, and we also recommend taking advantage of the offers of discounts.

In fact, the platform contains very distinctive courses in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are recommended by many specialists


learn to code for free

5 best free coding websites for beginners to learn any programming languages

Of course, if I searched the search engines for the best free site to learn programming, freecodecamp will appear on the first pages.

This non-profit platform was founded by Quincy Larson, one of the best coaches in programming, as it aims to make learning available and free for all talented people who do not have the financial capabilities to learn.

Domains and educational courses on the platform: web development, learning javascript for data structuring, bootstrap, react, using python for data analysis, a full course on API and microservices

All the courses are explained by video and writing. In each course, you will find tests and questions that if you pass them all, you will receive at the end of each course a certificate approved by the platform

This is a platform that also contains a YouTube channel that publishes free and comprehensive courses on a weekly basis for various fields by professional content makers.

The platform also has a blog in which most programming-related problems are posed, and many interested people and developers who have distinct experiences and skills publish on it.

If you want to test your skills and abilities, we recommend that you try the site

Top Coding Companies

Many giant companies contribute greatly to the development of programming languages, as we find oracle developed the Java language, and Microsoft developed the C ++ language

Most of the companies have created several educational platforms, to help developers learn and develop their own tools

Among the most important of these platforms:

  • IBM learning platform: on it you will find most of the courses and programs in various fields, with your obtaining a certificate approved by the giant IBM
  • Microsoft learn platform: Lots of educational courses with cooperation with Microsoft partners in all fields
  • Google developers platform: It contains a set of tools and explanations that many developers rely on
  • Web.dev website: owned by Google and specializes in developing websites, and it contains everything that any beginner needs
  • Flutter platform: Google seeks to spread and teach these tools to all mobile application developers
I always advise you to keep following these platforms because you will learn everything useful

Coding tips to learn coding fast

It is true that we have put together a large list of platforms, which is why we recommend that you enter all of them and choose what suits your style of learning

Some of the tips and advice we recommend for learning a programming language
  1. Do not learn the same language from more than one source, so that you do not become a failure and exhausted.
  2. You have to rely on books that talk about programming languages, you will find unexplained information in most of the videos and courses.
  3. Learning to code is done by continuous coding, and this will not happen overnight.
  4. Learning to code takes a long time and is stressful, and you shouldn't give up.
  5. Continuous learning to keep up with the demands of the labor market.

 So there you have it: 5 free code learning websites that can help you make progress as a beginner coder, or serve as helpful reference materials to keep you from getting confused during more advanced projects. Keep these websites in mind the next time a coding project pops up at work or at home, and get busy learning how to code.


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