Apple WWDC 2021: will announce new gadgets and software

Apple WWDC 2021: will announce new gadgets and software

 This year, the WWDC 2021 Developers Conference will be held online only, due to the covid-19 pandemic, where it is expected that Apple will unveil new tools and software on June 7

the new MacBook Pro & iOS 15 in WWDC 2021

During the WWDC event, programs were announced in the past, but now they will also announce new devices and gadgets, and one of the common news expected by users is Apple's announcement of iOS 15, mac os, iPad os 15, apple silicon, and computer What's new with the M1X MacBook Pro chipset

What time is the WWDC 2021?

The WWDC event will be held online from June 7 to June 11, where Tim Cook will deliver the opening speech. Those interested can watch the event at 10.30 PM ist. Also, note that some sessions are free, and others are exclusive and available to developers only who have paid $100 in registration rights.

iPad OS 15 and iOS 15

So far, there is not much information about the latest version of iOS 15, as it will make changes to notifications and imessage,

Also, the iPad operating system may get a dedicated home screen similar to its counterpart in the current iPhone phones

MacBook Pro

According to the latest announced reports, it appears that Apple will revive the MacBook Air, a new low-cost MacBook Pro, a more sophisticated desktop Mac mini, and a larger iMac version.

It will also add several updates to the design of the MacBook Pro, from which the touch bar will be removed, with many ports such as MicroSD, HDMI, and thunderbolts

WatchOS & MacOS 

It is also expected that Apple may announce the two new systems for macOS and watchos 8, and they may come with several privacy improvements

Watchos 8 will come with the Assistive touch feature, which enables users to control the watch with their fingers or by moving the wrist.

All these reports and the details mentioned are just speculations, and until the WWDC conference starts broadcasting, there will be new news about tools, programs, and exclusive

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