iPhone 12 pro storage full see features that can use a lot of space

Today, our phones contain cameras that allow us to capture high-quality and accurately, from phones that are distinguished in terms of camera accuracy,
iPhone 12 pro storage full see a setting that can use a lot of space

we mention iPhone phones especially with the latest versions that give the operation of features to take pictures in the highest resolution,
but there are reasons you must know before activating these features and characteristics in iPhone phones

iPhone photo RAW format

Of course, if you love taking pictures or have contact with some photographers in the photographic field,
you will hear that when taking pictures with a phone or any digital camera, the images are saved in a file in several formats, including raw, JPEG, or TIFF.
JPEG: This type of processed and compressed images is suitable for daily use because it does not take up much space on disk or phones,
and also these formats are very easy to share in various social media, text messages, or via e-mail.

As for the images in the RAW format, they are huge files compared to their counterparts from other formats,
as they can occupy large storage space because when taken with the camera, RAW images are stored without processing or compressing them, that is, their original captured accuracy remains.
As a result, you have large image files, but on the other hand, RAW images give you features and control over the color balance, such as editing and white balance of the image, which gives it greater accuracy and great clarity.

Among its advantages is that RAW lighting can save images that have little exposure to light, or have very large lighting,
that is, in the case of shooting in shadow and using the RAW feature, then you can photograph Full-featured images and details might not be available if you didn't enable the RAW files feature

iPhone ProRaw good and bad

The RAW image format feature was present not long ago for digital cameras, and today this feature has reached various smartphones, in December apple announced its ProRaw format for the latest phones that support IOS 14.3.

The bad thing is that not all Apple phones support this feature, as it is available for iPhone 12 pro or pro max.
The ProRaw feature gives you a picture format without data loss and works on all four iPhone 12 Pro cameras, that is,

all the raw image formats will benefit from smart HDR, and deep fusion, from Apple with the addition of the night mode
ProRaw supports DNG file extensions, making standard and third-party photo editing.

To turn it on, go to Settings> Camera> Formats, and then choose Apple Proraw
The RAW icon appears in the camera application with the option to turn it on and off during shooting

should I turn off proraw on iPhone

Raw images take up a lot of space, so much so that even Apple gives you an advance warning in the camera settings telling you that files are up to 25MB compared to JPEG images that take up less than 1MB.
Where it is within one gigabyte, you can save a large number of images in JPEG format, unlike RAW format, 50 captured images may take a space of one gigabyte or more, considering that the smallest storage space for iPhone 12 Pro phones is 128 GB

As for if you want my opinion, using the feature or turning it off depends on your need for it.

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