Best google search tips and tricks 2021


Best google search tips and tricks 2021

Have you ever heard of google search tips, Google accounts for around 87 percent of a country's web search traffic. With the help of smartphone searches, everyone can find what they want from where they are.

Google has a lot of information on weather, languages, definitions words, directions and so much more. Have we all struggle to find them?

well, today in this article we offer you how to use the Google engine to the fullest and most efficiently to reach what you want easily.

By using these methods, you can get things done quickly, and there are fun tricks to pass the time.

Cool Google Search tips to Search skillful 2021 

Today in this article we will present to you the best and use google search tricks, which many users are ignorant of, and now we leave you with the best and fun tricks in the google search engine.


Simply if you do not have a stopwatch to do a sport such as a plank exercise, for example, with Google engine just type "stopwatch" and a watch will appear for you at the top of the results to set your timing accurately.


You can now do a countdown without any applications, just by using google countdown. Type in the search field "countdown" to show you a timer. You can adjust the time as you like.


Some users may need to hear the sound of the metronome, well, Google is adding this feature to its search engine, type "metronome", to show you the option to hear and adjust the rhythm of the metronome.


Whether the calculator is normal or normal, Google provides access to it quickly, unlike phone or computer applications.

All you have to do is type "calc" or "calculator" and a calculator will appear that enables you to do mathematical operations quickly, also you can write operations to show results quickly Like "34 * 6".

Currency converter calculator

Sometimes when making purchases from sites that are not of the same currency as yours, you will need a currency conversion feature.

From Google, you can type the conversion type, such as from dollars to rubles. A currency calculator will appear for you to write the amount you want to convert, or you can type "currency converter calculator".

conversion of units

If you are a student or university professor, then of course when you do research and homework you will need to convert between units, now thanks to Google search you can quickly convert to any unit.

just type in the search box, for example, "40 centimeters to inches" to show you the result quickly, and also It gives you a list of several Ahri units that you can convert to with just a click.

google search tips Hobbies

Football results

You can now know the results of football matches and on Al-Mubasher. All you have to do in the Google search engine is type "results" followed by the name of the team you support.

to give you all the results, the schedule of upcoming matches, the names of the players, and a lot of information.

movie theaters open near me

If you love movies and are looking for the nearest cinemas and the names of the films that are shown in your city, write in Google "movies" with the name of the film to show you the nearest cinemas showing the film, knowing the time of the movie and the number of places left for reservation.

biography  of author

If you are a fan of reading, then when reading a specific book you like you want chains and other books for the same author.

well, now thanks to Google by writing "books by" followed by the name of the author, a biography will appear for you, showing all the author's publications and his personal information.

my purchases online

If you want to quickly see the history and list of your previous purchases, just through Google-type "my shopping" to show you a list of all your previous purchases.

Find My Phone Android

Using Android device manager, you can now find and locate your lost phone easily. On Google, type "find my device" to show you its location and several other information.

view photos in Cloud

If you have pictures stored in one of the Google Cloud Services Go accounts, you can only view them from the search engine and type "my pictures" to show them to you.

Google search tips For Travelers

Weather forecast today

Planning a trip or vacation with friends and family requires a calm, pleasant and sunny atmosphere, so thanks to Google you can know the weather without using any applications, on the Google search page type "weather forecast (name of the city)" to give you the weather schedule for your city moment by moment.

Flight status

If you are planning to travel by plane or take someone to the airport, by using the flying code in the Google search engine you will get several important information such as take-off time, flight time, shortcuts so that you do not miss the flight, etc

famous highlights of a city

When traveling to a specific city or place, you will definitely want to know all the popular places for visitors and attract the largest number of travelers.

So, without applications, you can find favorite places for tourists in any city, just type "attractions" with the name of the city, to show you all the famous attractions.

View My Trip

If you have a booked airline ticket in your Gmail account, typing in Google "my flights" will give you all the information about the date of your next flight and it will only appear to you.

my reservation

Like the previous flight ticket, if you have any reservations previously registered in your Gmail account, then when you type in the Google search engine "my hotels" it will show the names and addresses of the hotels that have been booked recently.

funny google search tips

Do a Barrel Roll

From one of Google's tricks to make the search page rotate like a barrel several times according to your choice, just type "do a barrel roll".

flip a coin

Usually, we use a coin to settle a certain decision, heads or tails, but if you do not have a coin, with Google when you type "flip a coin", a coin will appear for you to rotate as you like.

Rolling a dice

Can't know anything you need, in the old days we used to have fun with it to save time, in Google search engine when you type "roll a dice" you can try it.

Google in the past

Do you want to know what Google looked like in the old days, specifically in 1998, now by typing "Google in 1998", you can try browsing on the old way of our website.

These were the best google search tips. If you like it, you can publish the article with your friends, and if you want to tell us about other tricks, we welcome you to write it in the comments.


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