Google's Fi VPN will come to iPhone soon

Google provides subscribers to the fi network a virtual private network (VPN) service, which aims to provide greater privacy for users who use public Wi-Fi networks
Google's Fi VPN will come to iPhone soon

A VPN network works to protect your data and makes monitoring you or stealing your data a very difficult thing,
VPN is easy to use and it is one of the best services recommended by the condition that you choose the service from a reliable provider to direct your traffic through their servers

Vpn offers you very strong encryption of your information as if you were entering the world of the Internet through tunnels that are difficult to locate and source, so if any hacker tries, Fatman cannot decrypt it.
Google offers its Wi-Fi service, as it gives you a shield against hackers and hackers who, if they reach the IP address of your device,
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will facilitate the process of tracking you. Virtual networks can not say that they are very reliable, but at the present time, we cannot do without them, especially when entering bank accounts or e-mails.
The fi VPN service from Google has given several improvements and moved from the beta version for Android phones, this means you will notice fast internet usage and get all the advantages of VPN in countering all the trolls in your phone and preventing their spying.

It is expected that Google will launch the fi VPN service for iPhone phones, starting in the spring, and it is also working to establish centers to protect its privacy for Android devices
Also, one of the advantages of fi VPN from Google is that it will block unwanted calls and stop spam messages, and that is to reduce fraud and automatic calls, it also protects users during the exchange of a sim card, fi provides several layers of protection like a wall or a virtual barrier, as in the case of If something suspicious happens, you will receive alerts and notifications. Also, for more protection, activate the two-factor authentication service
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