Royalty free video footage sites: free videos without rights and without any limit to use

Royalty free video footage: top completely free stock footage Websites

Royalty free video, Of course, if you are a content creator, YouTuber, or designer, you need high-quality HD videos and you are free to modify them and use them for commercial purposes, advertisements, or anything else.

thankfully there is a lot of sites that give us the ability to use their videos stock-free.

After a great deal of research, with the aim of getting the best sites that provide the service of obtaining videos without rights, with absolute freedom of use in social media, ads, affiliate marketing, youtube, content maker, designer ...etc.

Here are these sites that contain huge libraries of free videos without rights and without any limit to use.

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Best free stock video sites:

Most people watch over a billion hours of footage on YouTube daily. Instagram moved over video content. There is no need for a professional videographer to produce professional-quality video content for marketing and social media accounts.

Discover our gallery of 100% free footage videos without copyrights. Explore snowcapped mountains dazzling rural jungles and abstract glowing lights. Build the world with one click and endless inspiration.

these sites are Free for personal or commercial uses. For any attribute, the original was not necessary to it and still appreciated at the time.


completely free stock footage
Royalty free video footage: top completely free stock footage Websites (2020)

Dareful It is a source of royalty free video stock footage to download free videos in high definition up to 4K.

and can be used for commercial or any project and it is 100% free and you will not have to pay a single penny.

The Dareful did not ask you for any card or to register with just one click. You can download any video you want and without the need to register or subscribe and it provides different qualities.

All the videos on the Dareful website were taken by Joel Holland, who believes that the videos should not be restricted to studios. It must be provided to the amateur video free of charge.

If you are looking for free, licensed-to-use videos with high accuracy and without paying anything without fees, Dareful is suitable for you.


free stock video sites
Royalty free video footage: top completely free stock footage Websites (2020)

to find HD videos to use are very expensive, of course, no one is able to buy them.

This is a barrier to creativity and productivity for hobbyists and video enthusiasts or designers, or to use them for commercial purposes.

Videvo is a free stock video footage library and motion graphic,

with higher resolutions safe and free to use for any purpose you want in your project or creative commercial.

The goal is to create a large world as a source for royalty-free HD video with absolute freedom for content makers to use and add their creative touch without the need to pay money or anything.


royalty free video loops
Royalty free video footage: top completely free stock footage Websites (2020)

Videezy is considered to be one of the largest communities of free video clips for projects or commercial use.

also have a lot of animation and after effect templates, most of them are free and easy to use without any limit, and you can download video clips in high quality.

the purpose is to make the world a beautiful place and to give all the support to the content maker and YouTuber or any other commercial use to start their creativity and productivity without fear .


copyright free videos

Royalty free video footage: top completely free stock footage Websites

if you are a content maker on youtube or any platform of course you ask yourself where can I get copyright-free videos with high quality to use or to edit.

pixabay is a free stock video website with the largest library of high-quality videos and pictures,

published by the talented community without paying or doing anything and with a simple one click.

it really helpful for any project purpose with free millions of stock videos and pictures That you can take Without being warned or questioned, and even without mentioning the source or the owner of the photo.


Free Stock Video Footage
Royalty free video footage: top completely free stock footage Websites (2020)

Mixkit allows us to download free videos and templates in high quality.

with the freedom to use them for editing video clips, advertisements, or any other purposes without limits.

The site has an attractive and comfortable user interface and contains several sections(nature, animals, foods..etc).

that facilitate the process of finding anything that suits your project.

they have two types of license one allows you to use videos everywhere in social media, youtube, affiliate marketing, ads, and more,

well, the other license did not allow you so you have to pay attention when you use this site when you download.


free videos to download

Royalty free video footage: top completely free stock footage Websites (2020)

Another website for free stock video footage for free use without any limit, highly resolution simple and easy user interface to download any video with one click.

Every week they add a variety of footage videos ( nature, technology, backgrounds, and more) to find what is suitable for your project or commercial use.


free video clips download for projects

Royalty free video footage: top completely free stock footage Websites (2020)

here also you will find a huge video stock to use as backgrounds, editing, content maker, and more.

it has two types of license for videos use :
  • Creative Commons 3.0 license: for a wide range of project even commercial ones but you have To mention the source or the owner of the video
  • Mazwai License: for a wide range of the project, social media, ads, marketing and you don't have to mention the owner of the videos
All videos are safe and trusted, it published by artist’s works on mazwai platforms.


All these sites are free and safe to use and you don’t have to register or doing a task, just explore and download.

There is a lot of section in these sites to find easy anything related to your project.

Also with high quality and different types of licenses to mention author source or you don’t have to.

With millions of free stock videos, images, templates we really think it will be helpful for your creativity.

The users interface in these sites is easy and simple to use

All videos are Original and from a safe source.

For the trust side, footage Websites are using by thousands of creators in their projects.

So these sites really give you what you need to be creative using a lot of libraries of royalty free video.

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