WhatsApp new update 2021: WhatsApp pay, self destruct message, and more

It is considered one of the most popular online chatting applications, with more than 2 billion users per month.

As part of improving its services, WhatsApp seeks to add several new features to facilitate and update its use

One of the most important features and additions that the company seeks to develop and add by 2021, we mention them

WhatsApp new update 2021: WhatsApp pay, self destruct message, and more

WhatsApp multiple devices

It is the feature that we all expect, which is to use WhatsApp on all devices at the same time Without resorting to WhatsApp Web.
This feature will enable us to chat from our phones, tablets, or computers with the same account.

WhatsApp self destruct message

This feature allows us to send destructible text and video messages once they have been viewed for a certain period of time.

face id for WhatsApp

For a long time, we have been blocking chats using a fingerprint across the devices that support that. Now WhatsApp is seeking to develop the feature, using biometric systems such as the face recognition feature.

WhatsApp vacation mode

Setting the vacation in WhatsApp allows us to moderate chats, mute them, and keep them hidden for a certain period of time.

WhatsApp pay

This feature allows us to shop and buy from within the application while facilitating the ability to send and receive money directly from the chat with the seller.

WhatsApp terms of service

During the year 2021, WhatsApp updated the terms and conditions for using the application.

Where you will display ads to users not in the chat, but in certain places that appear on the application interface.

WhatsApp stop supporting some devices in 2021

Like other applications, WhatsApp will stop working from this January 2021 on some Android and iOS phones.
  • Phones running Android 4.0.3 and below
  • Phones running iOS version 9 and below
  • Samsung galaxy s2
  • iPhone 4
If your phone accepts the update to a newer version than the one mentioned above, quickly update it using the WhatsApp application and its new features


This was one of the most important features that we are expecting in the new year for the WhatsApp application. Do not forget to share your comments and any features that you like or want from WhatsApp or are you developing.

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