top real websites to make money online 2021:ecommerce, online survey and more


Are you tired of fake and scam sites that tell you you can make easy money online?

Today we collect for you the best real websites to make money and get paid online, Reliable and secure pays without problems

to succeed and achieve your goals you need money now, tomorrow

As we know, in our current era, all our work has moved from reality to websites, and that is why we must keep pace with technology with all new developments

Among the skills that have also developed are ways to make money, as working on the Internet has become one of the most important things that you must learn

Among the many skills, we mention programming, writing articles, making videos, selling electronic devices, performing surveys, and other methods that are classified according to their difficulty.

With the spread of fraudulent sites that take advantage of our effort and our time, we present to you today the best honest sites that pay you according to your effort.

real ways to make money from home:

This is a real websites to earn some money online, trusted, safe don't miss


eCommerce Store Builder

top real websites to make money online 2020:ecommerce, online survey and more

It is one of the largest platforms that help you create your online store to sell your goods and products and make money.

It also allows you to sell your products directly on Facebook and Pinterest.

Working on the platform is very easy and the support service is responsive as it enables you to sell products that are not yours by taking a commission from the sale.

One of the features of Shopify:
  • You do not need experience in programming or web design, as Shopify provides you with exclusive templates ready to create your store with many applications and tools to modify as you like.
  • Very professional, responsive computer and phone templates for easy selling
  • The ability to add an unlimited number of products with the unlimited space in the $ 29 offer
  • The site has its own hosting which makes uploading your store fast and smooth
  • The support service is great and is available 24 hours
  • The site has an SSL certificate for a secure and encrypted connection to protect users' data, which increases customer confidence
  • It contains 3 monthly subscription plans, each with its own advantages
  • oberlo extension

Shopify It gives you a trial period of 14 days to create your online store and start marketing your products.


Cash back rewards credit cards

top real websites to make money online 2020:ecommerce, online survey and more

If you are one of the people who shop a lot online, you definitely want to save some money.

ibotta It gives you real money on every purchase from the Internet with support for thousands of online stores as well as retailers

There is an extension to the Chrome browser and it also contains an application that supports Android phones and ios

Features of the program:
  • It saves your time and effort, and all purchases come back to you with a significant amount of money
  • Supports various stores and supermarkets such as Walmart, Publix, and others
  • Buying foods from restaurants, makeup, and electronic devices
  • The ability to withdraw money easily and quickly via PayPal gift card like Starbucks amazon and more
  • Offers on products have a specific time and date written under the product
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is 20 dollars or more
It is an ideal program to get easy fast cash to save and get exclusive offers and coupons.


freelancing site

top real websites to make money online 2020:ecommerce, online survey and more

The largest site to display your services on the Internet, as the site provides many services that only require some effort,
such as writing translation articles. Managing social media pages and many millions of jobs that any beginner can learn.
Fiverr is a middleman between the seller and the buyer and takes only a 20% commission for every purchase
One of the most important reasons for success is to provide quality and reliable services in terms of supply and demand to gain customers' confidence and meet their needs as necessary.

What is distinguished in the Fiverr platform to display services:
  • Credibility while ensuring the right of the seller and the buyer
  • highly traffic daily from around the world
  • The lowest price for services is 5 dollars and it is called GIG
  • Provides withdrawal methods from Payoneer 10 USD Minimum and Paypal 4 dollar
  • The seller has four levels that can be raised through the quality and reliability of services
Services are classified on the site into many categories:
  1. graphics and design: Special services for pictures and graphics, such as removing and modifying backgrounds
  2. digital marketing: Such as SEO services, search services, social media marketing, and others
  3. writing and translation: Work on writing articles and translating them from any language you want
  4. video and animation: Various services from creating video montages or creating animations
  5. programing and tech: Design services for websites, programs, applications, and various programming languages
  6. Business: Various financial services and businesses
  7. Lifestyle: Giving motivational advice or training courses in sports, health, and recreational systems
  8. Gaming: Various game design services, adding special effects and everything related to the gaming world
Put your real name and surname to ensure user confidence and commitment to exclusive, non-copied, or stolen services to gain a place between sellers and buyers


Freelance Services

top real websites to make money online 2020:ecommerce, online survey and more

Another website for freelancers to do small services for an amount of money that gets the trust of more than 5 million companies such as Microsoft and others.

The platform contains the most reliable specialists to perform various services quickly and with quality, and you can become one of them

You can work on the platform by offering many services from them:
  • Content writer
  • Graphics designer
  • Android developer
  • Facebook developer
  • Logo designer
  • Mobile app developer
  • Seo expert
  • Web designer
  • Social media manager (pages, groups …)
  • And more skills
What are you waiting for now? Learn and develop your skills according to your passion and start as a freelancer to get money fast


online survey earn money

One of the best sites to profit from the Internet by doing many easy tasks such as answering polls, watching videos, and many tasks

Swagbucks, Honest, and very popular, not like other scam websites where you waste time without interest.

Among the methods provided by the site to profit from the Internet, we mention them:
  • Surveys and opinion polls: It is one of the main ways to profit from the site, as it gives you many surveys of 5 minutes or more to answer them to get points that are converted into money
  • Swagbucks default search engine: You make your browser Swagbucks search engine and earn points for every search you do, and it's very easy
  • get paid for watching videos: You can choose from the videos that you enjoy watching and earn you many points
  • get Paid To Download Apps: This method works for downloading a set of applications and trying them to win more points
  • get paid to shop online: It provides you with the feature to earn points by shopping in many trusted stores through the website window
  • getting paid to play video games online: One of the easiest ways to win points is through your experience of the games and sometimes it requires you to reach a certain level to win more
  • Swagbucks code, daily task, Referral, and more

You can withdraw money after methods: PayPal, gift cards, and more.


sell any phone

top real websites to make money online 2020:ecommerce, online survey and more

If you own a phone you do not need to use it, or it is out of date, a gazelle site enables you to sell your phone or any electronic devices without trouble.

The site is characterized by its low-priced products, as it is safe and reliable for the seller and the buyer.

Now you can win some dollars through various old electronic devices with confidence and without fear
  • Fast, safe, and easy to use
  • No fees
  • A lot of payment methods
  • Honest pricing
  • No risk
  • 30 days return
  • Buy and sell Certified devices


how to earn money from youtube

If you are a person skilled in producing exclusive content that can be documented by video and you think it is suitable for you, youtube is the largest platform to profit from your exclusive content.
To profit from YouTube, create a channel, and work to achieve the payment feature by participating in the YouTube partner program.
Of course, it is one of the best real websites to make money .

But there are conditions and criteria that must be known and respected in order for your channel to be accepted to profit from the videos, and they are as follows:
  1. Your channel complies with YouTube monetization policies
  2. youtube partner program support your country
  3. That your channel get 4000 thousand hours in 12 months
  4. Your channel reaches at least 1000 subscribers
  5. You have a Google Adsense account
That is why we advise you to follow YouTube's laws and guidelines to preserve your channel and also to work on developing it through exclusive and creative content.

When your channel grows, the number of subscribers increases, and you get significant amounts.


So today make immediate money online is real and it is dependent on your effort and hard work

Don't waste your time and money and start With these real websites to make money  

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