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best browser extensions 2021:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more


Most Useful Chrome Extensions 2021:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more

Chrome extensions, of course, who does not know the famous browser Google Chrome Which is the fastest browser and used by many millions in the world

Among the best features of Google Chrome are the chrome extensions and tools that are found on the chrome app store.

The Chrome app store has a huge library of extensions that make surfing the internet easy.

What is a Google Chrome Extension?

It is a set of small programs that can be added from the Google Chrome App Store
It contains millions of attachments that facilitate browsing and shorten the time to give the user a smooth and comfortable browsing
There are many types of extensions for developers, readers, teachers, YouTuber, designer, blogger, even to protect your data there is a useful app for that and much more

Why do I need Google Chrome extensions?

if you are like me trying to get the best user interface and browsing the internet using google chrome

or you are a reader, teacher, blogger, and spend a lot of time surfing on the web of course you need tools to improve your skills or to help you in managing or working on the net

so chrome extensions are the best solution for you and believe me it will take you to another taste of surfing

Should I install Google Chrome extensions?

today in this article we really do try to give you one of the best useful chrome extensions
of course, if you are surfing a lot on the web page you will afraid to be tracking or your data are saved
or you want to change a web page theme that affects your eyes and much more features you still don't know it
so we collect to you the best chrome extensions app we really recommend it to you

best chrome apps and extensions:

stop asking how to find chrome extensions because here down below we collect to you the best one.

Mercury Reader


Most Useful Chrome Extensions 2020:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more

If you are a reader or student and browse a lot of articles on the Internet, of course, these chrome extensions are suitable for you.

It works to make the text more readable by removing all the ads and distractions that hinder the reader's focus.

The appearance has options for Text Size, Typography, and Theme for Light or Dark. Being able to make my screen dark is one of the most important aspects of any application that I use for my hardware.

You can send the article you have selected to your Kindle too

The most important advantages of this feature :

  • Leave text and images for clear reading and focus
  • Compatible with all web pages
  • using the simple keyboard shortcut for comfortable reading
  • customize text, typography, and switching to the dark mode
  • Send to Kindle
  • sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and email
  • free

DuckDuckGo Privacy Essentials

duckduckgo browser download

Most Useful Chrome Extensions 2020:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more

This chrome extension protects your data while browsing for the best private search.

It blocks all advertising and all sites from saving your information. It truly gives you total privacy.

This extension strikes a very good balance between enhancing your privacy and staying out of the way.

For instance, it will warn you that you can't watch YouTube anonymously, but you can still click through and it will offer to whitelist the service.

  • private search
  • block hidden trackers
  • Simple to use
  • Great ad blocker
  • free

The Camelizer

price checker

Most Useful Chrome Extensions 2020:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more

One of the most important chrome extensions you need for online shopping.
It gives you the price history of the product you want to buy to compare and seize the best opportunities.

A very useful tool to catch Amazon price drops and verify whether you're getting a good price on an Amazon product. Gives you an idea of whether you can wait and expect a better price on an item.

Extremely helpful chrome extensions, to save you a lot of money

  • Amazon price trackers
  • easier & faster
  • save the time
  • Very helpful for amazon alerts.
  • get a lot of money back
  • send price alerts
  • free

Midnight Lizard

chrome dark mode

Most Useful Chrome Extensions 2020:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more

best dark mode extension for chrome. Unlike the rest of the ones which just invert the page, this one intelligently goes through it and adjusts each element to not only prevent some dark elements from turning bright but also scales the darkness according to the whole page and keeps text always readable.

Very responsive to bug reports too.
This is a complete chrome extension that solves your eyes problem with the screen. 
  • dark themes
  • easy to use
  • Clean and small user interface
  • looks elegant
  • free

Dark Reader

dark mode extension

Most Useful Chrome Extensions 2020:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more

Another one of the best chrome extensions to change themes.

using a web page that has white base backgrounds. it affects the eyes more. Dark Reader easily changes the light background into the dark. it is compatible with most web pages.

give sites a Dark Mode. Pretty much every site can have Dark Mode applied to it. But you can also whitelist specific sites you DON'T want to be affected by it

Dynamic theme mode works like a charm
  • customization, changing the contrast and brightness
  • dark theme
  • open source
  • Function perfectly
  • Helps a lot with reading.
  • Site List
  • free

GoFullPage - Full Page Screen Capture

web capture

Most Useful Chrome Extensions 2020:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more

One of the best tools for capturing the screen is simple and easy to use.

works really well and has made life a lot easier, Brilliant little extension to let you capture full page screenshots and download them as PDF or images. perfect, quick, simple to use.

It's an awesome tool. Efficient work is better than paid tools and never crashes.
  • excellent screen capture
  • easy to use
  • stable and friendly
  • saved a lot of time
  • quickly to snap

Grammarly for Chrome

free grammar check

Most Useful Chrome Extensions 2020:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more

If you are a writer or a blogger, you will definitely like these chrome extensions..

It is a special program that checks grammar and spelling for users and helps prevent them from making obvious mistakes.

This is a real boon for people who write professionally and you need to make sure their writing is error-free so that it looks professional at all times.

  • saved time
  • Easy to use
  • very accurate


clear cookies and cache

Most Useful Chrome Extensions 2020:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more

When we browse any website, our site login data is kept, That is why anyone interested in information security seeks to erase all its traces on the Internet.

Click&Clean With just one button card you can erase everything.

It enables you to scan your computer to look for malware, Clear search and download history, and Erase flash files

Well, if you want to erase any traces of you over the Internet, we recommend this extension from the Google Chrome web store.
  • simple and easy to use
  • best cleaner
  • Scan pc
  • work smoothly


disable /chrome enable extensions

Most Useful Chrome Extensions 2020:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more

You have many Chrome extensions and want to control whether to turn them on or off. This feature enables us to do that.

Make your browser light and fast by quickly disabling extensions that you do not want to use with one click

If you use Chrome extensions a lot and think that it is working on the weight of your browser, this feature is suitable for you to disable and restart the features when needed
  • easy to use

  • Simple and useful

  • Great organizing tool

  • free

uBlock Origin

adblock download

Most Useful Chrome Extensions 2020:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more

Web pages become full of annoying ads that make the website slow to load,That is why we must use plugins to facilitate browsing.

uBlock Origin,It works to block harmful websites that record your information while browsing.

Besides this, it is possible to create a whitelist of trusted sites that you do not want to add to work on,and while visiting any new website, you can easily either activate or disable the extension as you want without a problem.
  • best ad blocker
  • Simple and fast
  • Protect your data
  • Free

The Great Suspender

memory usage management chrome

Most Useful Chrome Extensions 2020:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more

Opening tabs on the Google Chrome browser consumes a lot of RAM, so we have to look for a feature to stop tabs that we do not use.

the great suspender, It reduces Chrome's RAM consumption by disabling tabs that we do not need

This is a great feature for those who struggle with the heavy chrome browser while browsing.
  • Simple and easy
  • Work fast and smoothly
  • Manage tabs
  • free

Restore old Google icons

icon of google

Most Useful Chrome Extensions 2020:The Great Suspender, Grammarly for Chrome, and more

After Google launched the video chat feature via Google Meet, it updated the icon for the programs embedded in the group google workspace.

 The new design of Google's icons was widely criticized by users, as they faced a problem in identifying and distinguishing between applications in their new form, such as Gmail and Google Drive…

If you are color blind or used to previous colors, you may face difficulties during the use, But this is a great chrome extension that lets you return to the old icons
It enables you to return to the old Google icons as it is simple and light in size.

Google Chrome extensions are really important tools, they will actually make using Google Chrome more enjoyable and easy for you.
Choose what you need from these chrome extensions, because some add-ons may reduce the speed of the browser.

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