10 video editing apps to make a stunning video in 2023

10 video editing apps to make a stunning video in 2022

To this day, the field of video editing was restricted by programs installed on computers, but now, with the spread of smartphones, they have developed video editing apps more smoothly and are available to everyone.

As the developers of video editing applications have made it suitable for all users and different systems, we find there are applications for Android and iOS users.

These applications are suitable for all types of professionals or beginners who are still learning the basics and methods of editing and editing clips.

If you want applications for editing social media clips such as Instagram, Facebook, creating videos on youtube, or making ads, there is always an application that meets your needs to produce and edit clips with the best quality possible only from your smartphone

Today we will present to you a varied list of the best video editing apps, each of which has distinctive features, effects, and professional filters, characterized by a simple and easy-to-use user interface for all portable devices even small in size.

The special thing about these applications is that they are fast and smooth, similar to video editing programs for computers, they are less expensive, and some of them are free to use.

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Best 11 video editing apps for android and ios

1. Adobe premiere rush

Top 10 video editing apps to make a stunning video in 2021

This application is on the list of the best video editing apps, as it supports various Windows, Mac, Android, and Apple operating devices

Premiere Rush is used by various YouTube content makers, due to its distinctive features and contains filters and effects commensurate with various videos.

The nice thing is that it saves you learning the complex professional tools provided in CAD, such as premiere pro, after effects

The application facilitates the process of sharing videos on various social media platforms, with the ability to adjust the size and quality of the video to suit the requirements of each platform

The adobe premiere rush application is multi-functional and allows to create video clips quickly and from anywhere, just shoot and edit clips directly from your phone, free to use for Android and iPhone devices, but if you want more effects and features you can upgrade

Download the adobe premiere rush app:

2. Lumafusion

One of the best video editing apps on iOS.
Top 10 video editing apps to make a stunning video in 2021

The application is very popular among professionals, and it is also used by many journalists, content makers, and producers of films and video clips, as it is characterized by the ability to capture and edit videos directly from your iPhone or any iOS device

The application contains several basic options for pictures, clips, graphics, and titles, in addition to the ability to add clips and sound effects

When you finish editing the video, the application gives you several options, including sharing and transferring clips, and choosing the quality and resolution that suits you, and it also gives you the ability to move the clip and audio separately.

The application can be considered the best video editing app for iPhone, unfortunately, it only works with devices that run on the iOS system, also it does not support the cloud saving feature, meaning that you cannot complete your work on another device.

The Lumafusion app download link:

3. Kinemaster

Top 10 video editing apps to make a stunning video in 2021

It is deservedly one of the most popular videos editing apps for professionals and is compatible with various operating systems for Android and iOS smartphones.

The application enables you to capture video clips from your tablet or phone, and it gives you several distinct professional packages and tools such as merging sounds, cutting clips, adjusting the timing of audio clips, adding effects and filters, and a lot of professional features

The application is free to download for both Android and iOS devices, but we must note that the free version contains the watermark that remains in the videos, so if you want to remove it, you have to upgrade to the paid version that also allows the possibility of producing 1080p and 4k videos

Kinemaster app download link:


Top 10 video editing apps to make a stunning video in 2021

If you are a user of smartphones or tablets or any device from Apple, then you will surely have seen this application on your phone

The imovie android app cannot be said to be a professional program or to have amazing and advanced features such as kinemaster or luma fusion applications

The iMovie application is very suitable for beginners in editing video clips, who are still at the beginning of their career in this field and are looking for simple programs to edit videos, add texts and headlines, voice commentary, and add and modify images, so iMovie fulfills the purpose for such activities

The application works only on Apple devices only, and it allows a cloud saving feature that enables you to complete your projects on any device operating with the iOS system, and supports video format up to 4k, perfectly compatible with elegant Apple operating systems

The iMovie application download link:

5. Filmorago

Top 10 video editing apps to make a stunning video in 2021

It is one of the best free applications available for Android and Apple systems, as it gives you an easy and straightforward way to edit videos and clips online, which does not require great experience and talent.

It gives you the ability to add quality effects and filters, make you create professional and accurate videos, do the opposite of the computer version, the application is free to use for Android and iOS, and the most important thing is that it does not put watermarks inside the videos

There are many features and effects that require upgrading to a paid version, but the free version meets the purpose for all your needs, the application contains ads, but ads are not very annoying like some other free applications

The application does not support 4k, but it is distinctive and has a simple and comfortable interface, regardless of its free

Filmorago app download link:

6. Filmmaker pro

Top 10 video editing apps to make a stunning video in 2021

Another distinctive application for editing video clips on iPhone phones, unfortunately, it does not support Android, gives you several voiceover features, and more than 200 lines of clip text, with the feature of using the chroma key

The app is free to download for all Apple devices running iOS, but you cannot get all the packages and tools to upgrade to the paid version and to remove the watermark that comes in the sections in the free version

Filmmaker pro app download link:

7. Inshot

Top 10 video editing apps to make a stunning video in 2021

One video editing app that suits all the needs of social media platforms, INSHOT supports Android and Apple devices

The application is specially designed for social media platforms to facilitate the editing and production of video clips of various sizes commensurate with igtv on Instagram, and even clips of the TikTok application

The inshot application is characterized by an easy and simple user interface to cut and edit clips quickly, with the ability to add emojis, texts, free audio clips without rights, and many of the effects contained in its huge library

The app is free to use with ads, it also adds watermarks to clips, ads and watermarks can be bypassed by paying a simple monthly subscription

Inshot application download link:

8. Magisto

Top 10 video editing apps to make a stunning video in 2021

Magisto enables you to easily create and edit video clips in three simple steps: choose the style and format of the video, select the images and clips that are inside the video, and finally choose a music clip from the music library inside the application

The application is based on artificial intelligence technology, which arranges the clips and images in the video in a way that makes you deliver your message more professionally

The application is also free to use, but if you want to enjoy many innovative features of your workspace, paying a small monthly subscription gives you more expansion options.

Magisto app download link:

9. Hyperlapse

Top 10 video editing apps to make a stunning video in 2021

This application was developed by the Instagram social networking platform owned by Facebook, as it allows compressing long video clips into small and high-quality clips, which you can quickly upload to Instagram or Facebook

The application gives you several options to control the speed of the video to choose what suits you, as it shows you the video at the speed you chose comparable to the original speed, where you can convert clips from one minute to 10 seconds only and quickly

The application is suitable for shortening long clips, such as those we photograph during events or events, such as waiting for sunrise or sunset

Hyperlapse app download link:

10. Quick

Top 10 video editing apps to make a stunning video in 2021

The application scans for different sections, which makes it easy to distinguish the colors and faces in the clips, which makes it easier later in the process of organizing and modifying them perfectly

Quick enables you to add a lot of effects and effects, with the ability to add up to 200 images from your photo library, with the feature of cutting, cropping, enlarging, and flipping clips and images, with more than 26 options of filters and fonts

The application enables you to save your draft of your work or project for seven days in the event that you want to refer to it, free to use for Android and Apple phone systems

Quick app download link:

11. vivavideo

Top 10 video editing apps to make a stunning video in 2021

The video editing app is integrated into all aspects and features, as you can edit and edit videos with several clicks

The application library includes many effects and nominations, abandoned clips, expressive faces, texts, and fonts, with the ability to control the speed of clips, and many backgrounds, audio clips, and page templates ready for modification directly from your phone screen

It also allows publishing your videos on the Vivavideo platform, which has more than 200 million users, free download on Android and Apple, with the possibility of paying a monthly subscription to get more options

The vivavideo app download link:

what are video editing apps

It is software that helps us to make videos more powerful by adding some filters, effects, collage videos, or pictures in the same scene.

some of these apps can convert videos to watch on any other device like a TV, DVD

these montage apps are used by amateurs or professionals in films, and series, to control the quality of videos and performances.

what apps do YouTubers use to edit their videos

all these apps that we put here are used by well-known YouTubers to create bloggers, also is used to edit videos by bloggers, influencers, gamers, even to create TikTok videos, or to impress your friends on Instagram with huge effects and filtres that the effects of these video apps.

which app is best for video editing

Well to answer this question first you have to check all of the free editing apps that we explain at the top, then you will by yourself decide what you need.

in our list, we give you the best videos makers that have huge filtres, effects, handy tools, transitions, templates, features that are all free, and these video editing apps that don't ruin the quality.

are video editing apps safe

all of these free video editing apps are safe and widely used by millions of users around the world, and one thing these apps you will find theme free to download on google play store and apple store.

 so don't be afraid and don't download it from another external source that may be affected by virus or ransomware 

how to use video editing apps

after you choose one of these free editing videos apps for android and iPhone 

run the app,

 select the video editor and every one of these apps has a different interface but you will see at least two methods; add videos from internal devices or from hosted, or make a video by your camera phone.

then you will see a lot of tools and box tools, which all of the themes has special features you have to try them all to know what they do, 

some of these videos makers give a tutorial to make it easy to use  

is there any video editor without a watermark

some of these apps allow you to create high-quality videos without watermarks, but others allow you to remove watermarks from their videos by paying a monthly or annual fee.


We have provided you with a varied and complete list of various video editing apps that work on various Android and iOS devices

All applications work smoothly and suit your various needs, whether they are paid or free, what are you waiting for? Choose what suits you and start being creative and dazzling your friends with your adjustments to the video clips.


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