restrict background data for individual apps to reduce data usage

restrict background data for individual apps to reduce data usage

Background data usage A term given to applications or updates that consume internet data in the background without your attention. Today, we can share the Internet from our smartphone to a computer to check emails or browse the Internet. Note that phone data is limited and consumes quickly, especially when setting up a Wi-Fi internet point with computers.

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how does data usage get consumed?

Some apps that run in the background take advantage of your internet balance without your permission. Also, most updates consume a large amount of phone data in the background. To avoid this, we suggest you a tripmode mobile data saver program.

how to reduce data usage on pc

Here are the best programs to reduce data consumption on your computer, with the possibility of restricting Internet access to different applications and browsers that consume the most.


Tripmode best background data saver app to reduce data usage on pc. It allows you to turn off the Internet for various different applications and thus save phone data. It also enables you to give permission to use the Internet or not to pc applications with a detailed report on the rate of mobile data consumption for each application within the device.

Well, when you share your phone's data with your PC, tripmode will give you a daily and monthly summary of how much data you've used. It is available for free for Windows and Mac OS X in a one-week trial.

restrict background data

Now we come to how to use and install the tripmode program to save mobile data on Android or iPhone or any device you use as a computer WiFi network to access the Internet:

First, you must register for the service. If you are using a Windows system, download the tripmode program from this link, and if you are using Mac devices from this link, but in the case of older versions of Mac devices, this link.

background data usage: check how to save mobile data

When you download tripmode, you start using your phone's data as a Wi-Fi hotspot. You will get a list of all the apps that consume mobile data, allowing you to block all of them by default. And choose only apps and browsers that can consume mobile data.

background data usage: check how to save mobile data

monitor your pc 's data usage

Also, with the live monitor feature, you can simply identify and measure every WiFi hotspot running on your computer. This provides monitoring of network activity in the device, thus reducing the consumption of mobile data in the background.

background data usage: check how to save mobile data

Tripmode will warn you when you have reached the maximum data usage limit that you will have set according to your internet plan. Then it works to block all applications and processes that consume phone data, with the possibility of restricting certain networks, such as your mobile phone hotspot.

What Happens When You Restrict Background Data usage?

Well, the apps that were consuming phone data in the background will stop automatically when not in use, which will keep the phone data for as long as possible. This means if your data is used up so quickly you just need to restrict data usage for specific apps.

This was one of the best programs to monitor and manage network connections. Which will definitely block apps from using background data usage.


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