All windows software with one click and single setup file


All windows software with one click and single setup file

When installing a new operating system for Windows, we have to download and install several additional programs that we need for our daily use such as: browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Edge),

Or programs to read files in pdf, word, and other formats (LibreOffice, foxit reader), or protection programs, free image editing programs, programs for developers, and many other programs

But today, thanks to the ninite site, it is possible to choose and install many programs and tools that every user needs with just one click, no toolbars, no press on the next button

Applications and programs come with the latest updates, the ninite website service is trusted by millions of users, because it saves your time

Ninite installer supports Windows operating systems with the following versions: 7, x, 8, 10

How to install multiple apps with one click on windows PC?

Now we come to explain the steps for using the ninite website to choose and download the programs we want with just one click

how ninite works?

Step1: We enter ninite site to show us this site interface

All windows software with one click and single setup file

Step2: After entering the ninite site, we go to the option to “pick the apps you want”, where we will see a large group of multi-tasking applications such as web browsing, virus protection, photo editing programs, audio and video calls programs, reading files in various formats, and many important tools

We select the programs that we want to install by pressing the mouse button, as shown in the picture

All windows software with one click and single setup file

Step3: We go to the bottom a little, and we see a big blue button "get your ninite", so it takes us to another page that shows us the programs that you have chosen to install, and after a short time, a light-sized program will be downloaded in this way in the image

All windows software with one click and single setup file

Step4: We click on the program that we previously downloaded, and a blue box appears, and we click yes,

Now we see that the ninite program has started to download the programs that we previously selected, by pressing the show d├ętails button, we will see the programs that we have identified and their status during the download

All windows software with one click and single setup file

End : All you have to do now is to rest or do your usual daily tasks, so the program will update and download the programs with one click and without any interference from you.

How to install all your software as a Single Setup file?

Using the ninite website, and by reading and following the steps that we explained previously, you can with a single setup file download and install all the basic programs and tools for your computer without any interference from you

Is ninite safe for download?

Millions of users around the world update their applications and programs through the ninite site, and it has an important arrangement on the Alexa site,

 as well as thousands of institutions and organizations such as NASA, Harvard business school, using the ninite pro version


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