8 Sites That Let You Check If a Link Is Safe


8 Sites That Let You Check If a Link Is Safe

check if the link is safe These days it has become very necessary to avoid theft and fraud, or any methods of collecting personal information and spreading your identity.

As some sites contain malicious software aimed at phishing users' information and penetrating their privacy, a friend may send you a link via email and it may occur to you, how do you know if a link is safe?

Even if you received links from your friends or strangers, it is wise not to rush and click on the links, but rather you must verify the security and integrity of the link from the ransomware that spreads on social networking sites, fake emails, messages, and phishing sites are also among the most dangerous threats facing site surfers.

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Sites That Let You Check If a Link Is Safe

Well, today we offer you the best and fastest sites to quickly scan links for safety and verify is this a legit website with one click.

Norton Safe Web

Top 8 sites to check if link is safe from virus and malware in 2022

To check a link to see if it is safe, we start with the best-known virus protection program, Norton online security.

Where to test URL safety, whether it is amalgamated or suspicious, we go to the Norton safe website, then paste the URL into the verification box and click on the microscope tab to start the verification process.

Then the site will give you ratings and user opinions about the site or the link, and if you want to add your opinion about the link, just register for free and join the community link checkers.

Norton safe web also provides two tools that are very important to raise the level of your privacy and security:

  • Norton safe search extension for Chrome, which adds protection and speed to your searches across sites, and alerts you in the event of suspicion of any site you visit.

  • Norton home page extension adds a new tab to the Chrome home page to use Norton safe search.

All tools will automatically check if the link is safe, even before accessing the links.


Top 8 sites to check if link is safe from virus and malware in 2022

A very helpful website to check if links are safe to avoid spammers, as it provides the spam link checker feature with the ability to provide your opinion about the link to alert and help other users.

All you have to do is enter the website link in the search box, and the site will quickly test URL safety for reports or warnings about phishing, malware and viruses, URLs, or has a bad reputation among users.

The site is supported by the verification feature of safe browsing from Google, PhishTank, web of trust, and also after the examination, it gives you recommendations about the site if it is appropriate to visit or should be avoided, you can share the results of the examination with your friends or anyone to avoid fraud.


Top 8 sites to check if link is safe from virus and malware in 2022

Recently, there have been major breaches, especially when you visit one of the sites that ask you for your personal information, which may cause your identity to be stolen or impersonated.

That is why PhishTank definitely deserves you to add it to your list of important sites because it helps you to check if a link is safe to click or if there is malware injected on those sites.

Whereas soon as you enter the URL that you want to verify, PhishTank will give you immediate and quick results about the link with the possibility of its own tracking number.

Phishtank works with OpenDNS where anyone can join and fight phishers and scammers.

google link checker

Top 8 sites to check if link is safe from virus and malware in 2022

The company rich in definition Google provides you with a service to check if link is secure, all you have to do is enter the URL that you are suspicious about, and in a very short period of time, it will give you results for the crawlers that Google uses to verify the authenticity of the site or that it contains malicious programs.

Also, Google Transparency Report will alert you of phishing harms aimed at stealing your personal information and identity.


Top 8 sites to check if link is safe from virus and malware in 2022

A great and fast tool to find out if a link is safe, whether they are safe to browse or not, with just one click.

Just go to the psafe website and enter the URL to reveal it, and after the search starts, dfndr lab will check its database whether it is trusted or not.

In the event that he does not find any information on the site, he warns you to be careful.


Top 8 sites to check if link is safe from virus and malware in 2022

The best free tools to if download link is safe or check the reputation of the sites, and it provides a verification service for malicious websites.

all you have to do is enter the link that worries you to be examined and verify its safety, to give you information about the link such as its date, reports about it, its presence on blacklists, also provides verification service IP address via ipvoid.

VirusTotal Safe

Top 8 sites to check if link is safe from virus and malware in 2022

A very distinctive tool to see if a link is malicious and contains viruses and malware online, where when you enter the website link or file for verification, it will automatically publish information about the link to the community.

Virus total also checks if the email link is safe for Android phones and Windows phones.


Top 8 sites to check if link is safe from virus and malware in 2022

One of the best tools to check if this URL is safe which provides the ability to check sites and links from malware and malicious programs for free and quickly.

 also, when entering the site link it will give you detailed information about it such as ips, and the country, with a periodic update of the site’s data every 10 seconds

check website safety or reputation

All the sites and tools explained above will give you detailed information about any link or site, you will also find user opinions about the reputation of the site to make sure whether it is worth visiting or should be avoided, with the possibility of joining the community to fight fraudulent sites and help others alert them


We are keen to provide the best and fastest sites to check if link is safe from malware and in view of the great threats in the Internet world,

 every user who comes across any link or site whose reputation and safety are doubted is obligated to use one of the check URL safety services and sites, to avoid fraudulent messages, ransomware, and phishing.  

We hope you like this list, do not hesitate to send it to your friends


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