15 apps to convert photo to cartoon (Android & iOS)

15 apps to turn photo into cartoon (Android & iOS)

Cartoons represent the best childhood memories, especially the happy moments. There are filters that can let us see our world in cartoon mode. You can take pictures or videos with snap selfies of you and your friends and turn them into cartoons.

cartoonish software works for Android and iOS (from 1st to 7) as well as both for Android and iOS (from 8 to 15). If that's too much for the user to imagine then choose any application from the list above, also it comes with the best Emoji and stickers for iPhone & Android.

is there an app that turns pictures into cartoons?

There are a large number of applications, and below is a list of the best applications to cartoon yourself, and they are available on Android and iPhone devices.

how to turn my photo into a cartoon?

Using an application to convert photos and videos into cartoons, caricatures, sketches. Just through photos from the photo album on your phone, or use the selfie camera or the front camera integrated with the applications to turn your world into cartoons and animated videos with just one click.

features of the app to turn photos into cartoon

Here are the most important features of applications for converting photos into cartoons:

  1. cartoon effects to pictures

  2. Sketch styles

  3. Apps work in offline mode

  4. Turn photos into a cartoon drawing

  5. Cartoon snap selfie

  6. Photo to caricature filters

  7. Portrait photo to animated cartoon

the best apps to turn photos into cartoons

Turning your photo into a cartoon character is not a dream or something that needs expensive cinematic equipment, only from your phone screen we invite you to try this list of Photo to cartoon app

Clip2Comic & Caricature Maker

15 apps to convert photo to cartoon (Android & iOS)

clip2comic will help you turn a photo into a cartoon app on iOS devices, especially the iPad, as it is the best comic filter for photos and videos, as it will turn your favorite photo into a cartoon into an amazing work of art characterized by simplicity and fun.

It converts photos into funny caricatures, drawings in a matter of seconds directly from your iPhone or iPad. It also enables you to record videos using the live preview camera to create animated videos or cartoons from an existing video clip with one click.

Cartoon Yourself

Photo to cartoon app (Android & iOS)

Cartoon yourself app for Android helps you turn your photos into sketches, cartoon drawings, black and white cartoons. cartoonize effect looks professional and realistic.

To cartoonify your picture, just choose to add an image in jpg.PNG.or GIF format. , and click on the apply effect button. You can also add stickers, rotate photos, and mirror them.

MomentCam Cartoons & Stickers

Photo to cartoon app (Android & iOS)

Best cartoon photo editor app for Android and iOS devices. Where you can turn selfies into cartoons.

Momentcam enables you to create funny cartoons by adding emoticons. Just choose a picture from the photo album to convert it into an avatar in a second.

It also provides daily renewable white backgrounds, animated emoticons, emoji world feature to customize the background,

Painting Art & Cartoon Filters

Photo to cartoon app (Android & iOS)

Painnt is a cartoon face app maker, to turn photos into a masterpieces art, contains more than 20000 thousand cartoonize filters and using AI deep technology you will get awsome painting cartoons

If you love to draw, you will love this app that will allow you to create cartoon sketches that could become a comic book.


Photo to cartoon app (Android & iOS)

The best app for creating an avatar that looks just like you, with hundreds of thousands of elements you can customize your character to your taste.

An amazing application for creating a cartoon avatar that you can impress your friends by publishing directly via email or social media.

My sketch

Photo to cartoon app (Android & iOS)

Best sketch maker for iOS devices, which won several awards and was among the top 10 photographic in 15 countries.

You can apply my sketch from turn photos to realistic sketch, unlimited sketch maker, and you can save images in high quality and publish them in various means of communication

Cartoon camera

Photo to cartoon app (Android & iOS)

Do you want exceptional Instagram and Facebook photos? this cartoon photo editor lets you cartoonize your photos with a cartoon camera for Instagram.

Using the selfie or the front camera, converting photos into sketches, using the filter, converting Instagram photos into cartoon images, especially using the real-time cartoon photo effect feature.

camart cartoon photo

Photo to cartoon app (Android & iOS)

Camart photo editor app that makes pictures look like cartoons, using realistic filters, you can turn your recorded photos or videos into live painting.

Can choose many artistic filters ( cartoon, pencil, watercolor, manga, comics, oïl painting ) with unlimited photo cartoon maker.

Cartoon Face animation creator

Photo to cartoon app (Android & iOS)

from your selfie turn your photo into a caricature and wow your friends! Also, you can imitate any emotion to make a fun face morph. In addition to the possibility of sharing it as an animated video to get more likes.

Cartoon face app enables you to add thousands of photo effects to portraits, add realistic emotion to a face, and animated them with one click, and available for iPad and iPhone.

ArtistA cartoon & sketch filter & artistic effects

Photo to cartoon app (Android & iOS)

Artista’s best photo editor and cartoon face maker, using various color pop filters, oil painting effects, and pencil sketch effects, will make your photos look like art.

Using artista cartoon maker you will turn your photo album into an art gallery, and turn photos into painting easily.

Avatoon: Avatar Creator Emoji Maker Cartoon Face

Photo to cartoon app (Android & iOS)

Do you feel that your photos on social media are boring? Use avatoon to turn your photos into drawings, or create an avatar that looks like you with the avatar creator feature.

It is the best avatar app ever for its ability to customize the characters as you like with a huge library of items and stickers.

Sketch me

Photo to cartoon app (Android & iOS)

With the click of a button, and from the photo album, you can now turn your photos into drawing, cartoon, or sketch images. Using different photo effects is easy to control.

ToonApp: AI Cartoon Photo Editor, Cartoon Yourself

Photo to cartoon app (Android & iOS)

Using artificial intelligence technology, toon app is the best application for generating comics. If you are a fan of anime characters and admire the way they are drawn, this application is suitable for you by providing several digital art filters.

Manga Anime Face Changer

Photo to cartoon app (Android & iOS)

Who among us did not like one of the anime characters, or read a manga book and fell in love with one of the characters, now using the manga anime face changer application you can create and customize your cartoon character like anime series, as it processes selfies or any image to turn it into an anime manga character.

see: cool anime wallpapers

voila ai artist

Photo to cartoon app (Android & iOS)

One of the fun applications to turn your photos into cartoons to amaze your friends through Instagram and Facebook stories, where you can turn your selfie into a picture taken in the fifteenth, eighteenth and twentieth centuries. Or you can even make a baby cartoon version of yourself.


There are filters that help us in cartoony mode. You can take a photo with people or record a clip that can turn into a cartoon - a photo.

The list in up was explained as the best apps to turn photo into cartoon for both android and ios.


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