5 best free google photos alternative in 2022


5 best free google photos alternative in 2022

For several years, the Google photos application has been one of the best options that provide unlimited storage space for photos, but with the conqueror of Joan everything has changed, as any picture uploaded after this date will be counted from the 15 GB provided by Google drive, and we always strive to find everything you want and need.

 We will provide you with the best free photo storage. It will definitely be one of the best alternatives to Google photos services. We hope you like it.

Free online photo storage sites


secure cloud storage

It is one of the oldest sites that provide cloud storage for photos, videos, and photos, with safe protection for all your privacy

When you open an account on the site, it gives you free storage space of 50 GB, downloading files and various media is simple, convenient, and fast

All files are encrypted in modern ways that keep pace with security development, and it also offers the feature of sharing files and making conversations and video calls encrypted and safe

In case you want more cloud space, it offers several cheap subscriptions compared to others, it provides a special application for Windows, phones, and Linux systems.


Flickr photos

One of the best sites that provide a direct image sharing service on the Internet, the free account gives you the ability to upload up to 1000 high-resolution images of different sizes without any additional fees

Now you can share your photos with your children or family, comfortably and safely, anywhere in the world.

Not only the images, but it also offers the advantage of uploading high-quality videos

As for if you want more professional features and features to format your photos, it gives you packages for a one-year subscription that do not cost much compared to the capabilities it offers


free storage online

It is one of the most important cloud services that help you preserve and store all your pictures and your wonderful lounges in high quality and resolution

With the best zero-knowledge protection and encryption system that features the highest level of protection, you will no longer be afraid of stealing and hacking your photos.

The service is used by more than 23 million users worldwide

The free package gives you 100 GB of storage space, supports 3 different devices, and you can invite your friends and win for each person who registers through your link 5 GB, in the event that your account remains inactive for 90 days, all your photos will be closed and lost.

DEGOO is available on all devices and mobile phones of various systems, if you want more spaces, you can upgrade to better offers and features that will surprise you.

Microsoft onedrive

OneDrive storage

The cloud storage service for pictures and files is provided by the most famous and reliable international companies, which gives you the advantage of saving pictures and files and the ability to access them from any other device and from anywhere.

With the ability to share files easily and comfortably with a high-level security encryption system

Onedrive is the free version that gives you storage space that is arguably not that big, as it is 5GB

Very little space especially for high-quality images, but for more advantages you have to offer the tempting offers that are very suitable from a financial point of view and have great privacy of up to 6 terabytes

Amazon photos

best cloud storage

It is classified as the best alternative to Google photos services, and it is provided by the most famous companies, Amazon

If you have a membership in Amazone Prime, you will get unlimited cloud storage for photos, with high-quality resolutions and sizes, in addition to 5 GB for videos.

As for regular subscribers, they only get 5 GB of storage space, but with the monthly plans and offers that start at $ 1.99 per month, you can get satisfactory and appropriate features for your needs.


These were the best cloud services that provide free storage for photos, and they can be considered one of the best free google photos alternative.


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