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10 most accurate calorie tracker app to lose weight (Android & iOS)


10 most accurate calorie tracker app to lose weight (Android & iOS)

calorie counter app, people began to know the value of health and sports activities in maintaining health and avoiding various dangerous diseases, which result from our wrong eating behaviors or the lack of regulation and rationalization of daily consumption of food.

That is why we see many people who exercise but suffer from excess weight or may not reach any significant result, and one of the most important reasons for this is not to calculate the calories consumed per day that the human body needs, each according to his weight

On calorie counting apps users can always check how nutritious an item is, or which is less harmful. A calorie counting app has no nutritional value for all its potential health problems.

For this day and to help you reach the best fitness, we present to you the 10 best applications to calculate calories, monitor foods, and know the number of calories in them

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What is a calorie counter app?

They are very practical applications that help athletes to calculate calories for different types of foods in the world, were once using the application we will be able to organize the process of daily food consumption and know whether the food is healthy or not.

 and these applications also provide food scanners by taking a picture only of them to give you all the calories that they contain, these applications are used by most sports professionals to monitor their weight

How many calories do I eat in a day to lose weight?

Experts and bodybuilding professionals advise you to lose weight in a healthy manner, to reduce the number of calories to 500 calories from the total calories you consume per day to maintain weight.

features of calorie counter apps

Here are the advantages of applications that help you calculate calories, which inevitably leads to a more professional and safe weight loss process to get a slim body:

  • barcode scanner and picture recognition

  • easily track calories, macros, water, and exercise.

  • Flexible with android and ios devices.

  • calculate daily calories and macros.

  • motivate calorie counting app to reach a targeted weight.

  • food database.

  • nutrition focus mode like keto, vegan, macros.

  • Large collection of nutritional recipes.

list of 10 best calorie counter apps for android

NHS says calorie counts are the most beneficial way of understanding how many calories you have. If you already have a high body image and are wanting to lose weight, it would be best to try one of the best free apps to count calories.

1.Lose It

Top 10 best calorie counter app

The best free calorie counter app, which helps you to organize and rationalize your consumption of food and adhere to the diet program to reach the ideal and healthy weight, loseit app also enables you to track the number of carbohydrates and calories, what are you waiting for to start a healthy life


Top 10 best calorie counter app

myfitnesspal app is a nutrition calculator app It has a food database, about 14 million types of foods of various kinds, also has a community of 200 million members that give you tips and inspiration to lose weight, this food tracker app will help you organize your eating habits and calculate various calories


Top 10 best calorie counter app

A healthy and practical application to improve fitness, as it gives you nutritional programs for weight loss, a personal trainer to follow you, crab and calorie counter app, also provides a feature of merging between Google fit and Samsung health

It also provides additional features suitable for athletes: sleep tracker, workout tracker, weight loss tracker, which will definitely help you to reach your fitness goals

4.Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

Top 10 best calorie counter app

Another calorie counting app, which is characterized by an easy user interface and a large database, it also facilitates the process of tracking food, in addition to the feature of tracking the amount of water consumed, it is classified as one of the best tools for tracking fitness and calculating carbohydrates, in addition to offering offers for very practical exercises


Top 10 best calorie counter app

A very great application to learn about diet charts and compare all kinds of foods because it contains a large database, it also helps you to evaluate and know the number of calories to get rid of excess weight in a healthy way, and users also make it the best diet app

6.MyPlate Calorie Tracker

Top 10 best calorie counter app

One of the best calorie and food tracker app that has been found on Google play store, used by millions to lose weight and maintain fitness, a database of more than 2 million items, a barcode scanner to track foods, a motivational community to reach your goal with confidence and comfort


Top 10 best calorie counter app

The best diet tracker app for Android devices, in addition to the ability to count calories, facilitate the process of losing weight in healthy ways, fast food barcode tracker, macronutrient tracker app.

It also tracks and calculates the number of your daily steps and exercises, heart rate measurement, easy to integrate with Google fit and Samsung health

8.YAZIO Calorie Counter

Top 10 best calorie counter app

This calorie counter app offers you the best healthy food recipes to reach fitness quickly and facilitate the process of tracking all your sports activities, food tracker, fasting tracker with more than 20 plans, a large database for all types, water tracker, and also provides ways to lose weight for men and women


Top 10 best calorie counter app

Calorie Counter by FatSecret is A very effective tool for calculating calories consumed and facilitating the process of losing weight. It contains a database of Australian foods and their products. It also makes it easy to track foods, exercise, and weight. fit

Top 10 best calorie counter app

The well-known application from Google is a free application for smart devices, Android watches, and tablets, which helps to track your nutritional activities in addition to your sports activities such as running, cycling, ..etc. Frankly, the best sports app to enjoy good health and get fit


We have collected for you the most accurate calorie tracker app, which offers great advantages such as calculating calories, tracking foods, and commensurate with various Android devices and watches.


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