10 best free learning apps for kids 2022 (Android & iOS)

10 best free learning apps for kids 2022 (Android & iOS)

In the past years, the education sector witnessed a great transformation and development, especially with the arrival of applications, learning became very innovative and easy to access, which made it more interesting and desirable for students of all ages.

learning apps for kids today work to make communication between parents and teachers more close, and also to bring closer the relationship between children and teachers, the stage of childhood is very important and all appropriate means of education must be provided, including modern methods and learning methods that you will find in this article that contains the best educational applications for children

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list Free educational apps for kids

well, here is plenty of quality downloadable free apps for children to learn as they grow older that could help your son learn as well. Most free educational apps are available on iPad and/or iPhone or Android devices.

classdojo for kids

top rated educational apps

10 top learning apps for kids

Classdojo is one of the best fun learning applications for children. It is classified in the category of learning applications for virtual classes. The application facilitates the interaction process between parents, students, and teachers.

Where the student can communicate with his teachers in any scientific need, which also enables parents to monitor the progress of their children.

This enables children to be given enough attention to obtain a better education. The application provides the same experience as the classroom and also gives positive communication between teachers, parents, and children.

Duolingo for kids

learning language app

10 top learning apps for kids

If you want your child to learn a foreign language in a simple and easy-to-understand way, then the Duolingo app is one of the best free educational apps.

This application offers the ability to learn several foreign languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Irish, Dutch, and even the English language, it is available for download and free use.

Duolingo app does not have hidden fees and in-app purchases remain optional, it is a fun and entertaining application at the same time and children can enjoy all its features without limits.


best math apps for kids

10 top learning apps for kids

Dragonbox is one of the series full of fun and free educational games at the same time, it is an educational app that teaches the basics of mathematics such as arithmetic and addition in very fun ways for children.

We find 5 educational applications to learn mathematics completely, including algebra and geometry, some people consider mathematics difficult, and with that, mathematics can be very interesting for children if it is taught to them in entertaining and innovative ways away from complexity and boredom, and at an early age and with very simple methods.

All five games in the app require prepayment, but there is no additional fee for in-app purchase, and it can be said that dragonbox is one of the best math fact apps

Quick Maths

math test grade 

10 top learning apps for kids

The aim of the application is to make children aware of the world of numbers, and it seeks to teach general mathematics skills to students from grade 2 to grade 6.

Quick maths is one of the best options to improve children's ability to deal with various difficulties and challenges. The app is available for download in stores.

YouTube Kids

youtube safe for kids

10 top learning apps for kids

YouTube Kids is specially designed and coordinated for children, providing targeted educational videos, entertaining content that strengthens children's minds and inspires creativity, one of the best safe learning applications for children.

It provides several easy and simple ways to watch their favorite programs, in addition to that, they can discover anything that increases the fertility of their creative imaginations.

 The application is free and easy to use and provides videos that are especially directed to children and suitable for all family members to watch.


NSF Science Zone app

10 top learning apps for kids

An educational iPad apps for kids created by the National Science Foundation, designed to be used for tablets only to view scientific presentations, engineering images, and several videos intended for children.

The contents inside the app are original and high quality and are updated weekly, the content is produced by NSF or compiled by scientists and universities around the world. With the 360-degree display technology, children can enjoy exploring 3D images with eye-friendly accuracy and from every angle.

Crossword Puzzles

Best crossword app

10 top learning apps for kids

A useful application for smart children, it provides all methods of purposeful and educational enjoyment. Focuses on several important aspects of learning and developing the child's mind to excel in school. Now start encouraging your child to succeed by using this application

Flow Free

word puzzle games

10 top learning apps for kids

One of the best puzzle games for adult children, as the application contains more than 2000 puzzles available for free for download, in addition, there are several additional packs full of puzzles available for in-app purchase

Spelling Stage

spelling apps for kids

10 top learning apps for kids

Does your child find it difficult to spell some words, this application provides a solution and quite easily, as it teaches and practices spelling for children.

 the paid subscription contains several packages and additional words suitable for different age groups, for children who did not enter the study and adults who are schooling.

My Molecularium

free educational games

10 top learning apps for kids

My molecularium is classified as one of the best educational applications. fun and purposeful in one, designed to be compatible with the mind of a high school student. It contains entertaining games that encourage students to understand various methods and basics of chemistry such as molecular structure, chemical formulas, and many ideas easily and simply away from complex methods


The development of mobile device applications gave a quantum leap filled with many privileges and benefits to the education sector.

 With the tendency of many students and children in our time to the mobile phone to learn anything, and therefore must take advantage of appropriate applications that attract them towards learning and developing their skills and enhancing them.

Here was a list of the best free learning app for kids, we hope you like it.


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