More than 500 million Facebook users' phones and emails have been leaked


More than 500 million Facebook users' phones and emails have been leaked

533 million Facebook accounts were exposed to their phone numbers and all their personal data being leaked over the Internet.

Among the most important information obtained are phone numbers, Facebook hands, full name, geographical location, date of birth, BIOS, and in some accounts you may get e-mail addresses

The personal data of more than 500 million Facebook users shared in a low-level hacking forum.

  • The data is very sensitive as phone numbers, full name, email address, and even biographical information
  • Cybersecurity researchers alert and warn users that information may be used for fraudulent purposes

One of the users of the hacking forum published the phone numbers and personal data of millions of users of the Facebook platform for free via the Internet to access them

The data leaked to more than 500 million Facebook users include personal information from more than 106 countries, and from the United States of America it reaches nearly 32 million users, 11 million users from the United Kingdom, and 6 million users from India, their phone numbers, full names and dates of birth were leaked. And on some accounts they got to the email address, businessinsider said

Insider verified the leaked data records, and tested several email addresses, as this information can be valuable to criminals by impersonating users and committing several scams, Alon Gal is the first to discover these leaks and report them and warn them on the Twitter platform

According to gal, this information can be used in bad ways, especially in so-called piracy through social engineering. Facebook did not respond to any responses, as now all data has been published for free to access through the piracy forum, and anyone with elementary skills can exploit it.

"Facebook doesn't have much to do now that it's too late," says security expert Jal, "but it should notify and warn users to keep me fully prepared for future risks."

We believe that a large company such as Facebook must respect its users who place their full trust in it, as violating the user's personal privacy will make it difficult to gain trust in the future if these incidents recur, and that is why it must be deterred and all means of protection developed for users.

best sites and services that help you verify and know if your account is hacked or not.


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