get 100 GB free online storage: pc, android & IOS


get 100 GB free online storage: pc, android & IOS

100 GB free online storage, yes, dear reader, you can get it for free, and you will never need to pay or enter your credit card.

You can benefit from it via a computer, or via a special application for smartphones, whether Android or iOS

We leave you now to read and explore how to get free storage space for various devices

100 gb online web storage free

Getting a large storage space is a must, especially for desktop computer users to store various files and images with high quality and protection

The degoo cloud website, in the web version you can get 100 GB online web storage, yes it is 100% free

It features an encryption system for your files you will get the best personal cloud storage, and with a degoo feed feature, you can remember your precious moments with family and friends

The free package supports 100 GB storage for free, in addition to support for up to 3 devices for the same account

Also, you can get 5 GB of cloud storage when you invite any friend who registers from your link

Supports end to end encryption, with the ability to lock the account for people who are not active within a period of 90 days

The steps to register on the site are very simple and easy, you only need a valid email, and it is worth noting that the cloud storage technology from degoo relies on artificial intelligence technology to discover the best images, and to provide the best user experience

100 gb free online storage app for android & ios

Does your phone suffer from a problem in the storage space, especially if you are a fan of taking pictures and videos, and want additional space to store them, 

so what do you think of free 100 GB cloud storage for your phone

The degoo application, with its version for smartphones and tablets, allows you to get free phone storage space to store various files, images and media.

One of the features of the application is the work of backup data from your device directly, with the ability to share files via social media, either by protecting them with a password or available for public access

Do you want to get additional storage space, or 100 GB is not enough for your requirements, thanks to the degoo app, earn extra storage space when watching videos

For each video view, ranging from 4 to 30 seconds, you only get 75 MB of space


  • Free for Android and IOS
  • 100 gb free cloud storage
  •  auto data backup
  • streaming and file explorer
  • Easy to use


Whether you are a computer user or a smart device with its various systems, you can get 100 gb of cloud storage space for free, to store photos, videos, and files with secure and high-level encryption methods that ensure that your personal files are not lost or stolen.

degoo absolutely the best cloud service to get free online storage, tell us about your experiment with this service in the comment .

What is free cloud storage?

It is one of the services provided by companies, including paid and free ones, as it gives you an additional storage space that you can use however you want, 

such as storing high-quality images, files, and without any problems, with a secret file encryption system that guarantees that you will not be lost or stolen.

where to get free online storage?

Degoo provides you with 100 GB of free storage space that can be used for up to 3 devices, it also supports web version, Android and iOS devices


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