Netflix wants you to stop sharing your account details

Netflix wants you  to stop sharing your account details

Netflix is testing new methods that will prevent subscribing Netflix account holders from sharing their passwords with friends, family, or anyone who was not subscribed to Netflix services

Netflix is the largest content streaming service, with more than 200 million subscribers from all over the world

As Netflix swept the competition with TV channels and movies in recent years, and due to the Corona pandemic and everyone staying at home, the demand for Netflix services increased.

There are other broadcasting companies such as Disney +, amazon prime video, and Hulu, and as competition intensifies and seeks to win more subscribers, Netflix will prevent subscribers from sharing their account data.

Usually, we do not recommend sharing your passwords or data with anyone.

Some subscribers to Netflix may receive notifications saying that if you do not live with the owner of this account, you must create your own account.

The ban has not been tried on a large scale yet, but according to Netflix's policies and terms of service, sharing passwords violates its policies.

You as a user of Netflix, what do you think about this new feature that will prevent you from sharing your account passwords with your friends or family, if you have any comments, we welcome your reading in the comments below.


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