10 best academic databases and search engines in 2022

10 best academic databases and search engines in 2022

With the spread of scientific research and the abundance of homework and scientific projects that require time and effort in searching for useful information from reliable academic databases and search engines.

we decided today to offer you the best Academic search engine that specializes in finding articles and research from the most reliable scientific institutions,

and give you accurate and detailed results about any Information or research you want to complete, and you spend a lot of time finding what you are looking for quickly and accurately

Educational Search Engines College Students Should Know About

When writing paper research is crucial. Academic resources are now easily accessible through the internet. Popular search engines such as Google Yahoo Inc. and Bing are full of advertisements and clickbaits which may distract you from your effectiveness.

list of academic databases and search engines

Here is a list of the top 10 journal search engines for students to locate valuable knowledge from.

iseek education

Iseek is an academic info search engine for scholarly articles, as hundreds of thousands of researchers and students use it in their projects and research, and the best thing is all the information available from reliable sources such as universities, and scientific institutions.


A base academic search engine dedicated to students and researchers whose goal is to make obtaining academic information easily and quickly

The refseek academic search engine contains more than 5 billion files, books, web pages, newsletters, and news.

The search engine covers and provides all articles, books, and scientific research in various disciplines, and makes the information easier to digest and can be accessed by anyone.

check : privacy search engines

Virtual lrc

One of the best academic articles search engine that searches for anything you want in more than 10,000 reliable and accurate scientific sites

Where the site aims to index thousands of the best scientific sites to help students and researchers access to exclusive and modern information quickly, and is suitable for use in academic projects at the university or schools

The vlrc site provides various information in various fields and disciplines from reliable sources. It is a free source of information created by Dr. Michael Bell

Google Scholar

The google scholar advanced search engine, provides a rapid search service for information in scientific reports, institutions and universities, from the most reliable references and sources.

Its monthly number of visitors is more than 50 million


It is a search engine like google scholar containing millions of scientific papers available to access for free.

The goal of the site is to share and share information without restrictions, to make it easier for people to access what they want to know freely

Researchers, technologists, leaders, and students contribute to the site, who say that everything that is known must be shared

Science direct

It is considered one of the most important scientific journal search engine for researchers and students, and it is also considered a powerful search engine for finding various reports and information.

The number of scientific papers and research reaches more than 10 thousand, and more than 25 thousand scientific books

Internet public library

It is a scholarly source search engine considered one of the largest libraries on the Internet, as it contains files and books that have been collected for 20 years

Microsoft academic research

one of the best scholarly search engines that provide you with thousands of academic papers submitted by a plate of gold to students, professors, and researchers.

The site was established by Microsoft, as it searches more than 80 scientific papers in various fields and fields.

Archive hub

It is one of the best scientific paper search engine sites that we can consider as one of the treasures for students and researchers, where you can find all the information you want in any field you want quickly, accurately, and from reliable sources.

The writer

An academic search engine and database very useful site, especially for researchers and students, as it examines texts in the English language and shows linguistic and methodological errors in it.

It also tells you the strength and weaknesses of the wording of your research.


One of the best scientific journal search engines for easy access to many masters and doctoral theses in the world. Oatd.org provides various open access alumni theses, metadata about theses from more than 1,100 colleges, universities, and research institutions around the world.

He indexed more than 5 million theses, the way to search on the site is very easy, just type the keyword to get everything you want, and if you are not satisfied with the advanced search.

we collected the best Academic search engine for both students and researchers to find whatever they want, by using specific journal search engines.


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