Netflix turns video games tomb raider and skull island into anime series: splinter cell, assassin's creed, and more

Netflix on the company is working to convert some games into famous series movies or anime series,

Netflix company specialized in the presentation of films and serials and has a platform Azoroha millions across the world to enjoy the latest offers and new films and serials.
Netflix is working on converting the famous and richly-known game Tomb Raider into an anime series.
There are no detailed news about the events of the series so far, it is mentioned that the latest release of the game Tomb Raider was in 2018 under the name Shadow of the Tomb Raider

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And not only the tomb raider game that will be converted into an anime but Netflix also intends to direct a series for the Skull Island game.
The story of the series revolves around the same events as some films such as Godzilla and Kingkong,
and the title of the anime is set to be a shipwrecked crew, island monsters, where they rule them One king, Legendary, will create and direct the Tomb Raider Series and Skull Island
Netflix plays a big role in its advertisements to kill two birds with one stone by undertaking the Numismatic Series project and modifying them from famous games to witness a new revolution in the world of cinema,
especially after the success of the Witcher series, which is inspired by books and the game of video game, Netflix already has an anime series, Castlevania, and it also has projects Mods for some popular games like Splinter Cell and Assassin's Greed.
So far, there is no date or dates for the two series to start broadcasting on the Netflix platform, so will I think you will get more fame than video games, well we will see that on future dates.
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