hackers leaks MeetMindful dating sites users data: Email address, Passwords, Facebook id, and more

One of the famous hackers leaked personal information to more than 2 million registered users on the Meetmindful.com dating website,
hackers leaks MeetMindful dating sites users data: Email address, Passwords, Facebook id, and more

what is meetmindful?

which is one of the dating and dating sites that was established in 2014, this information was published by the famous ZDnet website, which is obtained from a specialist and a security researcher.
All data and information on the dating and counseling site have been shared for free download on one of the piracy sites that can be accessed in general and is known for trade in data and hacked personal information.
The size of the breached data of users of the site is more than 1 GB publicly available for download.
It can be considered that the file contains a treasure trove of personal information that users have provided in their personal files while registering on the site, whether through a computer or mobile device.

types of data breaches

The sensitive data contained in the file:
  • The real name and surname of the users
  • Email address
  • Geographical location, city, county, and zip code
  • User physical features
  • Your choices and preferences for dating
  • Marital Status
  • Date of Birth
  • IP address
  • Passwords to access account
  • Username on the Facebook platform
  • Authentication code to log in to Facebook
According to what was published on the ZDNet site, it seems that the messages exchanged between users on the dating site have not been published, but the information published remains very dangerous and more sensitive at a time when privacy has become a must
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The information that has been hacked and leaked to the Meetmindful Dating Site can be used to track and access the site’s personalities in the real world
User information is still available for public download, as the compromised information was published by a person known as shinyhunters who had recently pulled data from millions of teespring users.
Teespring is a site that allows you to create, print, and sell custom clothing designs and graphics.
Leaked information poses a real threat to users, so the meetmindful site must inform users and take necessary measures in the future.
Because this information can be used as a means of blackmailing and threatening users in the real world by exposing them or spreading their private information and messages to family and friends.


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