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VPN to stay safe online

VPN, Today it has become one of the essential things that we need in our daily life while browsing the Internet.

Of course, each of us has peculiarities that he wants to protect, and he does not want anyone to intrude on them, especially with the terrible use of applications in our time.

what is this VPN

It is the Internet in another place that you communicate with through the login information that VPN programs use to browse blocked websites or to hide on the Internet for greater protection and security.

how does VPN work?

You connect to a network from your place without the need to see it on the ground through IP and login information only.
and you will deal on the Internet as if you are in this other network, and you will be inside the network.
that is, you can, for example, connect to a device whose files are only locally, and There are some companies forcing workers to use the VPN to enter the control panel from outside the company, as a kind of increased protection.
of course, you will not need to connect to the work network if you are inside the company, and this is the idea of the VPN, which is to make you within a network you do not connect to In real.

Should I use a VPN at home?

Perhaps your personal account holds important files, and maybe you are a security freak and are afraid of them even if you do not have pictures of you on your personal computer.

Thus, we find that using a VPN at home makes it difficult for anyone to track your online activity.

VPN service providers

In fact, there are hundreds of programs and VPN services that can be found, Free and paid but the free one has limited advantages, unlike paid programs.

Not all VPN services are very good, Some of them make the Internet very slow to use.

And it gives you poor service while surfing the Internet.

Or not reliable in use, it does not provide complete privacy while browsing, Therefore, be careful while using VPN services and programs.

If it is not reliable and has a good reputation, your data may be leaked from the service itself and there are notorious services and programs.

Today in this post we present to you the best reliable and reputable VPN software and services recommended by experts in the field of information protection and security.

Best VPN providers

Since we understood the role of VPN and how it protects our privacy, Here is a list we recommend now for the Best VPN providers.


top-rated VPN provider

ExpressVPN One of the best paid professional services It provides you with advantages not provided by free VPN software.
Such as speed, complete encryption, multiple servers, and no restrictions on use, which is certified by many technical experts and protection sites on the Internet.
ExpressVPN does not log the activities of its users who visit websites, unlike some services, Your activities are completely encrypted, and nobody can access them.
ExpressVPN gives you access to the internet from more than 90 different countries with 160 server locations.
This wonderful program can be used on various devices that you own, such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone with different operating systems, it provides a program for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems.
it also provides a VPN application for Android that you can use with the same account and also a VPN application on IOS for iPhone and iPad phones.


Secure your life

Surfshark is a safe and inexpensive VPN service for Internet users and provides special advantages for premium membership holders.

Surfshark offers ultra-fast servers, the ease of connecting an infinite number of different devices to the same network without having to log in every time.

in addition to the ability to search, access, and download anything you want from websites without saving the user's internet browsing history.

Os: Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Fire TV, Firefox, Chrome.

During the Black Friday deals, there is an 83 percent discount and 3 months free.

Surfshark works with over 15 streaming platforms (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc.).


Fastest security on the planet

NordVPN, the best anonymous surfing app, is one of the most popular VPN apps used by millions around the world.

The NordVpn application is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux computers, it is available for Android and IOS smartphones.

in addition to the ability to install it on some types of modern Android TVs and the ability to manually setup and install all devices that accept the connection to the network and Wi-Fi.

A large network, providing more than 62 countries and 5,200 server is ready to connect.

It features a powerful program communication speed and privacy at an affordable price.

Black Friday: get 68% off And 3 months for free.


Privacy a Priority

IPVanish is an American-based VPN service that provides its customers with safe and secure internet surfing via a paid subscription.

With more than 1500 servers in 75 countries, User privacy is protected through a policy of non-recording of user records and activities.

IPVanish is a good service and one of the market leaders in this area.

It's extremely safe and reliable Dedicated apps for all platforms Money-back guarantee (day): 30.

It will absolutely ensure that your identity remains anonymous. It gives you a lot of different connection and encryption options. However, setup can be difficult and annoying, as you go through many different configuration steps. So that's fine if you know a little bit about VPNs.


VPN you can trust

ProtonVPN is currently the largest encrypted email service, And the application became a free version without paying anything.

ProtonVPN is available for a range of different operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone phones.

It provides encryption for connections using virtual networks that protect your privacy when surfing the Internet.

The free plan offers the possibility to use the service on only one device and only provide access to the server in three countries.

For the paid plan, it provides access to a virtual private network (VPN) on about 10 devices, and servers in all countries are available for use.

discount up to 50% off during the Black Friday deal.

Golden Frog

company behind VyperVPN

Like all VPNs, an excellent way to protect your privacy while surfing the Internet will keep your identity, location, and browsing history private.

It is also an excellent way to prevent hackers and others from viewing your information and communications.

VyprVPN provides great server locations over 70 locations on six different continents. Choose from 700+ servers and over 200,000 global IP addresses to get the best connection possible.

Perhaps the only negative is that it does not allow any refunds for the subscription. However, there is a free 3-day trial that allows you to test the service to see if it is a good fit for your needs.

If it's not for you, just cancel the trial version before the 3 days expire and you won't be charged.

Norton Secure VPN

Norton security

It comes with premium features like DNS leak protection, automatic connection, and automatic kill switch.
You also get nearly 60 servers in 28 countries - you won't find Russia or China on the list, but interesting sites like Turkey and South Africa are available.
Norton Secure VPN has servers in 28 countries, with two server locations per country as a base.
Norton Secure VPN is distinguished by its ease of use. Consistency is maintained across all platforms supported - Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.
Norton WiFi comes at an affordable cost, offering three different plans with a monthly or yearly payment. The number of devices is the only variable - you can choose between 1, 5, or 10 simultaneous connections.


Apps for all platforms

StrongVPN provides a fast and easy-to-use service to protect your personal data over the Internet.
The application supports Android smartphones, and there are versions available to support various operating systems such as (iOS, Windows, and macOS).
It allows you to simultaneously sync 12 connections to 12 different devices at high speed.
They have more than 400 servers in 21 different countries.
It owns its own DNS servers, so you don't have to worry about transferring your data through a third-party server. Additionally, it does not keep records of any contact information.
Spend a lot of time online at home, and to protect your privacy and data, you can use a VPN service to secure your internet connection.

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