8 free video compressor software for pc and mac 2023

8 free video compressor software for pc and mac 2022

 In the world of Internet, you should be well known that video has increasingly become one of the most powerful contents. It led a large number of internet users to spend more time watching videos online. In order to make your moving pictures available across platforms, we suggest to try video compression software a great tools when you have to reduce video size. It is a good idea to start compression of your videos before uploading them on the internet.

check 10 video compressor apps for Android.

Video Compression Tools for your PC and Mac

The best and fastest video compression software can compress your video files into small video formats, with the fastest video compression speed, and the wonderful output quality.

advanced video compressor

8 Video Compression Software Every Recording Artist Should Know

Advanced Video Compressor is a powerful but simple-to-use multimedia tool designed to enable you to reduce the size of your video files without compromising their original quality. It can be used to convert your video files for using them on portable devices, such as a mobile phone or a media player.

Advanced video compressor is a perfect solution to solve the problem of large video. Convert HD and even 4K video to small size video so that you can upload video on YouKu, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.

movavi video compressor

8 Video Compression Software Every Recording Artist Should Know

Do you wonder how to compress video files and save disk space? But still, you need to have fast loading of your video on the web? Then Movavi Video Compressor is the right choice for you. It’s quick, easy and absolutely free video compression software!

Movavi Video Compressor will optimize your video, reduce its size and optimize quality. The program works with all popular formats, including AVI, MPEG, WMV and QuickTime MOV. Choose among the presets to organize your movies according to screen size, resolution, frame rate, or audio codec.

freemake video compressor

8 Video Compression Software Every Recording Artist Should Know

Freemake Video Compressor is a fast and simple way to get your space-hogging Full HD videos, 4K Ultra-HD files, and large video files down to size. Using industry-leading video compression technology, Freemake Video Compressor will help you effortlessly compress video files in bulk, keeping the same great quality as the originals. Make movies fit on an old DVD or easily attach them to an email as an .avi, .mp4 or .mkv file.

Its speed is faster than ever. It can convert almost any type of video to mp3, mp4, wmv, wma, flv, swf and many other formats with excellent quality lossless.

wondershare video compressor

8 Video Compression Software Every Recording Artist Should Know

Wondershare Video Compressor is a practical video compression tool for you to compress videos at a very fast speed so that your target audience can easily watch them anytime and anywhere. If you want to compress videos for internet sharing, small screen mobile devices, or even YouTube, this video compression software will be the most suitable solution for you.

It allows you to compress any of your movies including AVI, WMV, MP4, MTS to H.264 files with the best quality and smallest size for easy storage and sharing on iPad, iPod, iPhone, PSP, BlackBerry and other portable devices.

adobe media encoder compress video

8 Video Compression Software Every Recording Artist Should Know

Adobe Media Encoder is powerful yet easy-to-use video compression software from Adobe. It’s the perfect solution for optimizing your video files for distribution to various markets including streaming media and Internet downloads. A great use of this powerful media encoder is to compress videos for playback on mobile phones, smartphones, portable media devices or tablets.

Adobe program gives you the ability to compress a large video file into a smaller size only in two steps.

microsoft video compressor

8 Video Compression Software Every Recording Artist Should Know

Microsoft Video Compressor is the best video compression software available on the market for Windows 10/8.1/7. This powerful but totally free video converter, compressor and trimmer allows you to quickly convert videos to MP4 format and reduce your video size with no quality loss instantly. You can even trim and cut videos of high quality without losing video quality.

to compress your videos you need to do only three steps: 1.Load the input video file on Encoder, 2.Select output format and set the compression parameters like resolution(video size), bit rate, frame rate, codec, you can check out default settings in Output profile 3.Start conversion.


8 Video Compression Software Every Recording Artist Should Know

VirtualDub is a program for processing video, especially for cleaning them up and making them smaller. It will also capture video from DV and Video-CD sources. VirtualDub was designed as a free utility for video capture cards that lack an adequate software interface.

It has a simple interface and offers presets for various file sizes. VirtualDub lacks the end-to-end editing capability of Premiere. But it’s fast, free, and powerful enough to reduce the size of any video.

sony vegas compress video

8 Video Compression Software Every Recording Artist Should Know

Sony Vegas is a video editing tool which is very popular due to its high performance and powerful features. Its advanced video editing capabilities always allow you to create professional videos with ease, incredible image quality and professionally composited transitions.

Sony Vegas could help you reduce your video files size without losing any quality. Smaller file size means that your videos are easier to upload, stream and embed!

There are plenty of options out there for compressing videos, but many of them don’t offer the advanced capability to shrink a video without ruining its quality. Fortunately, when you use this free video compressor software, you can achieve a better quality compression and even compress more videos at once.


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