create facebook messenger chatbot for free

create facebook messenger chatbot for free in 2021

Chatbots are an important way to provide immediate attention without the expense of hiring employees to answer customer questions.

Because customer service is one of the important steps for any company looking to gain more trust in the brand because it directly affects its dealings with the customer. A loyal customer can spend more money with a company that enjoys customer service and instant message response.

Intelligent chatbots are considered the best suitable solution for answering customer questions at the same time. And also to answer questions from followers on the Facebook page or WhatsApp at any time.

For today, we will provide you with an excellent site that offers a free service to create a Facebook messenger chatbot to answer all the questions of fans and followers of the Facebook page, and it can also be used to respond immediately to WhatsApp messages.

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how to create facebook messenger chatbot

Sendpulse allows you to create and connect chat bots with your social accounts such as WhatsApp or Messenger and others in a simple way. In addition to obtaining reports and statistics about the messages sent and received.

To get started, first register an account with sendpulse, by clicking on the sign up for free option, or registering with a Google account.

create facebook messenger chatbot for free in 2021

At the top you will find a “messenger” tab, you will find a special section for linking the chatbot to your Facebook page. Once connected to the profile, you will find all the pages associated with your account, choose the page you want to use with the chatbot, and click ALLOW.

create facebook messenger chatbot for free in 2021

Later, you will receive a notification inviting you to participate in your chatbot. This way, you'll be able to try out campaigns and auto-replies before you publish them. You must also customize your response campaigns. And you can refer to this page that provides a video of how to prepare a robot in a professional way.

create facebook messenger chatbot for free in 2021

Also, you can create free chatbots for Instagram, telegram, and WhatsApp.

This was one of the free services to create a Facebook messenger chatbot to respond immediately and quickly to followers' questions.


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