IPhone 13 leaks, release date, price,and specs


IPhone 13 leaks, release date, price,and specs

Apple is preparing to launch the new series iPhone 13 on September 14. In California streaming. Although Apple has not yet confirmed the products that will be launched, we highly expect the announcement of the iPhone series.

The upcoming series is expected to come with four new iPhone 13 models which are classic model, pro, pro max, and mini model. The lunch event will be in the coming days, to reveal the price and specifications of the iPhone 13 and several other technical details. This will be the last leak for everything related to the iPhone 13, waiting to reveal more details next week.

IPhone 13 price, specs, and leaks

Here are all the rumors about the iPhone 13 specs and its comparison with the iPhone 12 series.

IPhone 13 price

If we come to know the price of the iPhone 13, now there is no expected increase in the prices of the iPhone 13 series. The expected price of the mini version is $ 699, and $ 799 for the base model with a capacity of 64 GB, the pro model $ 999, and the iPhone 13 pro max version up to Up to $1099.


If the iPhone 13 leaks right, we can hope to get large batteries in the 2021 iPhone series. New iPhones offer an extra hour of battery life compared to the iPhone 12 battery. iPhone 13, according to the leaks, will come with a 3095 mah battery, which is larger than the iPhone 12, which comes with 2805 mah.

The iPhone 13 pro max version will come with a larger battery of about 20 percent compared to the iPhone pro max, iPhone 13 and the 12 pro version will offer a larger battery of about 10 percent with the same battery components. This means that we will expect a longer-lasting iPhone 13, unlike previous versions.

iPhone 13 display

Screen resolution and sizes are expected to remain the same across all ranges of iPhone 13 products. iPhone 13 mini will be the smallest iPhone in the new series with a 5.4" OLED display. If face id 2.0 technology is integrated, it will be for the series small notch. The phone may come with an A14 bionic processor and support for 5G communication technology.

The OLED display will also come with the iPhone 13 base model with 6.1" inch and with the same settings as the iPhone 13 mini, it will come with a dual-camera and a small notch on the front of the iPhone.


iPhone 13 pro and 13 pro max come with 6.1" inch promotion displays, which leads to a 60Hz throttling when low power mode is activated. And additional features that will be unique to the iPhone 13 pro max over the iPhone 13. Pro version.

120Hz ProMotion Display will come only to iPhone 13 pro and 13 pro max.


Expected modifications from Apple for the new iPhone 13 series. iPhone 13 may come with an evolution in the telephoto camera, and leaks indicate that the four versions of the iPhone 13 may come with LIDAR technology to obtain better depth. The camera sensor will be brighter in all four versions, with a 40 percent increase in the brightness of the ultra-wide camera sensor.

There will be a portrait video mode "cinematic" that will use electronic image stabilization or as it is called a warp. Which allows the work of adjusting the structure, and delusion.


Well, there won't be much difference in the design of the iPhone 13 compared to the iPhone 12, but it looks like Apple might make a change to the rear camera design. Leaks say there is a diagonal lens on the two lower-priced phones of the four, the design looks similar to the same designs last year, with a smaller notch.

iPhone 13 colors

iPhone 13 pro,13 pro max will come in four colors: black, gold, silver, and bronze. The iPhone base model 13 and mini version will come in 6 colors: purple, pink, black, red, blue, and white.


Apple will launch the iPhone 13 on September 14th this year. The iPhone 13 will be fitted with new bionic chips including an increased mAh battery and enhanced cameras. It was expected the new iPhone 5s could eventually slide back with its notch.

 We have four new iPhones and four sizes. We were able to have ever-on display in the Apple Store and satellite communications capabilities for emergency texts along with updated color options for the 13 and mini. Apple is set to unveil a new iPhone on September 14 at 6:00 pm GMT. Tonight - 8:00 in New York City - New York.

This was iPhone 13 Leaks, but so far there is nothing confirmed about it until the event in California streaming.


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