10 best apps for parents to monitor child's phone


10 best apps for parents to monitor child's phone

The free parental control apps for iOS and android sometimes show the location of children. A child might also want you to be notified when she is somewhere he or she should not be - for example away from school during class hours.

 These apps can also learn who your child is talking to online, restrict the Internet, and block sites that you don’t agree with. It is very easy to apply family rules with the app thanks to this invaluable skill.

Please keep in mind these apps can't do everything. They work the best if a parent has a comprehensive plan to teach children what it is to do responsibly on and off the Internet

Features of Free Parental Control Apps

Here are some of the features that the parental control app has:

  • Filter content: inappropriate content for kids, like those who related to crime, drugs, adults, and much more.

  • Set time limitations: where you can set a specific time to use applications, once activated, no application will be accessed above the specified time.

  • Track location: With GPS, you can track the geographical location of your child, whether he is using a smartphone, tablet, or any gadget.

  • Block payment: where you will prevent children from making any purchase through the card, go to the bank connected to the smartphone. also, block buying in games or sending money online.

  • Manage calls and texts: You will be able to control and know all the dials and the history of incoming and outgoing calls from the phone.

List the best parental control apps for your phone in 2021

Free Parental Control Apps have a number of useful features, ranging from filtering the web to managing screens with time management and real-time monitoring.

Norton Family Premier

10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

Norton family parental control is the best app parents can find, with manage kids web activity, screen time for instant lack smartphone, track location, online security, and block apps.

Also, with the Norton browser, you can track the videos that your child has viewed. Norton family location tracking service, web filtering, time scheduling, and more parental control features work in iOS and Android devices.

Bark parental control

10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

Best ios parental control to monitor kids’ activity in social media for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Bark the right safety measures to protect your kids while using their phones, also support track email, a child is a text and YouTube videos.

Bark best tool for families to keep kids away from adult content, sexual predators, and you can install this parental app on your kid’s devices without letting them know.

Safe lagoon

10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

A parental control app built with artificial intelligence, Safe lagon won an award for an app that protects kids from cyberbullying.

Well, it is a good option for parents to manage SMS texts, infiltrating privacy, online activity, and receive email reports about their kid’s behavior.


10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

Best parental controls for android cell phones to keep them safe, and help parents to supervise their kids.

Qustodio parental control also controls the time limit for apps and games. among others. it is monitors calls, avoid inappropriate content, track social media activities, etc.

mspy parental control

10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

Just as the name implies, you can track and monitor your children's activities on their phones or computers without them knowing.

Mspy allows you to monitor text messages, live location, calls, and all activities include social platforms Instagram and TikTok.


10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

One of the best free parental control apps that should every parent know. It is compatible with both iOS and Android, the best options to manage kids web activities such those who communicated with, accessed websites, how long they stay on their phones, and also you can get scheduling email reports about the online behavior of kids.


10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

If you searching for an app to remote and manage your child is iPhone, then mmguardian best option to try.

Mmguardian allows you to know what kids doing online. since you can easily manage SMS, track calls, app usage. apart from that, you will receive notifications when inappropriate content appears, block adult content sites, and get reports of usage activities for your kids.

OpenDNS Family Shield

10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

Free internet security app for homes, which helps you to control the router and thus control any device for your child.

Open DNS family allows to block adult contents, protect all family devices, and shield the easiest way to protect kids online from phiShing and malware

ESET Parental Control

10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

the best parent tracker app, so If you ask how to protect children using smartphones and tablets, then eset parental control might be the best choice for you.

Well, you can enjoy all parental control features such as set screen time limits, block apps, child locator, etc.

OurPact app

10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

Another parental control app for kids that use iOS or Android phones, some features and benefits include blocking app, screen time allowance, geolocator, and porn blocking.

It features a seamless interface, filter web content, and a free app for 1 child device.


10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

The perfect phone monitoring app to track children is a phone and ensure the full remotely track to WhatsApp chats, Facebook, tinder, Instagram, etc.

Also, by using AI algorithm to detect and notify about adult content. monitor apps with auto screen recording for specific apps, and much more features without rooted your cellphone.


10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

Kioware is known as Android kiosk software to secure your kid’s Android tablet. This Android parental control app will help you set a limited time for the running apps and which website you can view.

Kioware for Android gives you a detailed phone usage report, and remotely cell phone monitoring for parents even when you are away from home.

parental controls on the play store

You can use the Google Play Store to activate the parental control feature, the feature is limited as it only enables you to block content that should not be downloaded or any purchases made. To activate it, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store, in the top right, click on the profile icon

10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

  1. As in the picture, click on settings>family<parental controls

10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

  1. In the end, it will ask you to add a pin code, you must be sure to add a number that your child cannot expect, then start filtering the contents or blocking access as you wish

10 free parental control apps for Android & iOS

So, this was a list of the best free parental control app for iphone and android to manage your kid's smartphone. this list Helps your kids navigate the digital world safely while using smartphones and iPads.


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