12 money earning apps: best apps to make money (easy to use)


12 money earning apps: best apps to make money (easy to use)

There are many who spend a lot of time on phones and are looking for honest ways and applications to collect some extra money,

 there are several applications that enable you to really make money by completing some tasks or offers, selling old things that you no longer need, and many ways.

Here are the best money earning apps from the phone that have a four-star rating and positive user reviews and comments

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Top money earning apps


app cashback

best apps to make money (easy to use)

You can win money or recover some money on any purchase of Olanen from stores, and it supports more than 1500 brands and products.

Such as buying clothes, leisure products, pet things, foodstuffs, and many other products

Sometimes, to benefit from getting some money back, you are asked to watch short videos or take surveys.

There are 3 ways to profit from the store: shopping in stores, photocopying the receipt of purchases, buying a gift card for retail stores from within the ibotta app, or making money by shopping from the app or websites.

Profits withdrawal methods are supported: PayPal, gift cards, or direct transfer to a bank account

Profits are received within 24 hours, and 20 dollars are presented as a welcome gift, a percentage of the profits when inviting friends to register from your link.

Earning money is slow, with a minimum withdrawal of $ 20 and $ 25 in the case of gift cards

The application is available on the Android and IOS platforms


Cash Back for shopping

best apps to make money (easy to use)

Also known as ebates, you can recover some cash up to 40 percent when you shop or reserve in restaurants, or through food delivery services.

Also, you can earn money from traveling or buying gift cards in many ways. All you have to do is open an account, link your credit card, choose what you want, and complete the process, and as soon as the merchant confirms the process, you will get back some of the money. It may take hours or days.

Supports withdrawing profits from Paypal or via check, supports thousands of stores, for sure you will find what you like, and also gives a welcome gift and profits when inviting friends.

Available for download on Android and IOS.


Save money app

best apps to make money (easy to use)

Profit is made by collecting points called SB, by shopping, watching videos, playing games, completing surveys, surfing the Internet, and many other things.

You can withdraw money by transferring points to a gift card, or money sent to PayPal. Earning points varies according to the duration of each survey. The minimum withdrawal limit varies according to each method. For example, to take a gift card is enough to collect 140 SB,

Registration is free and you get 10 dollars as a welcome gift, which you can find on all Android and IOS stores


lock screen rewards

best apps to make money (easy to use)

An application to profit by watching ads, where whenever you close your phone screen and reopen it, different ads or offers appear for you, swipe left if you are interested in the advertisement and to see more.

Swipe up to see more ads and offers, or swipe right to unlock your phone directly.The application is only available for Android phone users, you can withdraw profits through a Paypal account


sell and buy app

best apps to make money (easy to use)

You are allowed to sell old and used things that you no longer need to earn extra money instead of throwing them.

Just upload some pictures of the purpose or product that you want to sell, along with a description of the product's condition and price.

If you want your offer to reach more people, it provides an advertisement feature for it. Sometimes you have to meet with buyers face to face to complete the sale process, also you can buy from offerup cheaply and resell it.


uber for ride

best apps to make money (easy to use)

Of course, we all use Uber to rent a taxi, now you can convert your car into a way to make extra income in your spare time through the Uber app.

Just download the app and run it to start work, work is in your area and its movement, also you can get extra money through customer reviews.

In the event that you do not welcome the idea of working as a taxi driver, you can apply Uber to work as a food order deliverer through uber eats.


cash-back shopping rewards

best apps to make money (easy to use)

The app is also similar to Rakuten and Swagbucks, where you will earn points by buying and shopping in stores such as Amazon, Walmart, Best eBay, home depot, Groupon, and many other popular stores in our daily use.

Withdrawing profits by transferring points to gift cards, or transferring to a Paypal account, new members receive $ 10 as a welcome.


buy from mercari

best apps to make money (easy to use)

An application similar to offoerup to sell products, but the distinctive thing is that ACE needs to meet with buyers, the application takes care of delivery and shipping matters, whenever you have to photograph the product and set the right price.

Mercari takes a 10% commission on every sale. Various items are sold like clothes, headphones, tablets, and many.

survey junkie

legit ways to earn money

best apps to make money (easy to use)

Profit is by giving them your opinion and completing some surveys, which you can finish at your free time to earn some extra income.

Withdrawing the profits is through gift cards for many Amazon stores, or withdrawals through Paypal


get paid for walking

best apps to make money (easy to use)

An application to profit by walking, only whenever you have to download the application is to run it, the application will automatically determine and track your steps, where you will win for every thousand steps 0.95 sweatcoin.

Withdrawal is not through money, but rather by obtaining and exchanging points for items and services such as sportswear, audiobooks, headphones, and many.

Sweatcoin is backed by more than 300 famous brands, most of them are in the health and sports industries

Google opinion rewards

earning rewards from Google

best apps to make money (easy to use)

Earn money from Google by completing and answering surveys. They can be completed in a short time, for example, or you are drinking coffee or waiting for the pass.

You can win more by sharing your TV or the Internet volume that you own with the application, just browse online and watch TV, as usual, withdrawing profits is through Google play or PayPal balance


sell your photos app

best apps to make money (easy to use)

An amazing application to make money by selling your photos and videos, as if you are a photographer, all you have to do is create an account and upload photos and videos, and in the event that any company buys the pictures, you will get a percentage of the profits.

The sale of pictures starts from $ 5 and may reach up to $ 100 per image. Withdrawing profits is through Paypal active,

Foap is easy to use by anyone in the world, used by more than 2 million content makers and editors, and most famous brands like MasterCard buy from it.

How to earn money through apps?

Profit through mobile applications is very simple, as profit is sometimes by downloading applications and watching ads and videos.

All you have to do is have an active account to withdraw profits and most of the honest applications support Paypal.

Some applications may set some strict conditions, which take some days to be accepted as an uber application, and other applications profit is only as soon as the application is launched

How do I choose the best money earning apps?

Well, of course, the applications that we have explained here are not suitable for everyone, but according to the reviews and opinions, we have chosen the best ones for you that can be compatible with your daily requirements.


We have provided a list of the best money earning apps through phones, and in several different ways to suit all people and age groups


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