Top 8 deleted photos and videos recovery app for android 2022

Top 8 deleted photos and videos recovery app for android 2022
The daily use of the phone exposes us to losing data by erasing it or through a virus, and for this day we present to you a list of popular android data recovery apps without Root.

Dr Fone

Best 8 android data recovery app

Dr.fone is one of the most popular applications that recover android data for mobile, which allows you to restore deleted pictures, videos, messages, notes, call logs, and contacts.

this free android data recovery tool provides different systems for recovery:

Recover from cache files: recover photos, videos, deleted text message recovery

Deep recovery, such as Recover deleted WhatsApp messages, audio files, and a lot more.

It supports the recovery feature of files from the internal memory of the phone or an external memory card, easy to transfer files between phone and computer

no rooting is necessary because it is like recycling bins on a Windows computer or Mac desktop, deleted photos, videos now you can restore them easily.

Easeus mobisaver

Best 8 android data recovery app

It is classified as one of the best and easiest data recovery software for android to restore deleted Android files, such as photos, videos, restore whatsapp messages, documents, restore contacts, and more.

Just choose the type of search To recover deleted data From the internal memory, a memory card.

Supports various Android phones such as Samsung, Sony, Asus, and others 

You do not need to root your phone, as the phone quickly searches and checks the cache and thumbnails files.

Video recovery

Best 8 android data recovery app

A simple and easy-to-use video recovery app for Android devices to retrieve variously lost and deleted video formats. It offers two different ways to search and recover deleted videos.

You will not need to root your smartphone, the resolution of the recovered videos may vary because the app is still in a beta version.

The application may take a long time to recover the deleted videos, depending on the type, format, and accuracy of each user.

Diskdigger photo recovery

Best 8 android data recovery app

Diskdigger free android recovery software without root retrieving deleted or lost files and images from your internal phone's memory or memory card.

One of the features that make it great is the ability to retrieve deleted photos directly to Google Drive, Dropbox, or send them via e-mail, or the ability to save them inside the device.

There is also a wipe-free space feature to gain additional storage space on the device by deleting files that you do not need.


Best 8 android data recovery app

DigDeep app, One of the best tools to retrieve deleted photos from the internal phone memory or a memory card, where divorce performs a deep search to search for various image formats and retrieve them.

This Android recovery app is easy to use and it may take some time to recover the deleted files, it is fast and you will not need to root, and it extracts most image formats with high accuracy.

Document recovery

Best 8 android data recovery app

It retrieves all file formats that have been deleted or removed, you will not need to root, fast and easy to use.

Supports restore excel file, recover word documents, pdf, ppt, txt, and many file formats

photo recovery ztool

Best 8 android data recovery app

Best photo recovery app and easy to use, it helps you recover deleted photos and videos with high quality, no root needed.

 just with one click without any help from any geek or professional, With this app, you can recover deleted photos from Android for free, no need to purchase anything.


Best 8 android data recovery app

dumpster, the delete photo recovery app it looks like a recycle bin of your phone that allows you to undelete pictures and videos to backup to your phone.

once you install the dumpster app he will make an automatic backup and save, all your recently deleted files.


this was a list of the best deleted photos and videos recovery app for android phone.


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