An application that will protect your phone from theft

 Of course, in our daily life, using the phone has become very necessary and there is no possibility to dispense with its services,

He accompanies us to wherever we go to work or on the train and in all places crowded with people, and this increases the possibility of stealing it from your pocket

But with the Pocket Sense anti-theft app, makes annoying noises while the thief is just trying to put his hand in your pocket.

All you have to do is download the app and activate the pocket sense mode, and you will be notified with an alarm and a strong voice notification if anyone tries to steal it.

An application that will protect your phone from theft

You can turn off the alarm just by unlocking the screen lock or deactivating the Pocket Sense mode.

And also one of its additional features that you will like is that if you put your phone for charging, either at home or in the workplace, and you want to know if someone tried to remove your phone from the charging, the charge sense mode feature also when activated will notify you with a voice notification or an alarm as soon as you remove your phone from charging

Just as a small alert, the app may not work if you don't have a thick phone cover or it reduces the quality of the sound and vibration

This application explicitly I consider it one of the most application that we must use these days, not only to prevent phone theft but also to protect the privacy and files of users that may fall into the wrong hands


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