Samsung phones temperature checking app and control (increase Battery Health)

Samsung phones temperature checking app and control (increase Battery Health)

 While you are using Samsung phones, you will see over time that the battery of your phone is no longer operating with the same efficiency, even with the use of ultra power saver mode, which helps to save and reduce the energy consumption of the device does not give any result

That is why Samsung, to enhance the battery capacity of its phones and provide the best for users, provides a new feature and function called thermal guardian

Thermal guardian gives you the ability to slightly increase the efficiency of the central processor of the phone, the application allows to control the temperature level of the processor through various settings performed on the processor RAM

You can get this feature through the galaxy labs app that comes with all Samsung phones, the feature in the app improves several different aspects such as battery performance, app performance,

 it also mentions that the Thermal Guardian app also works on Samsung phones that work with the Exynos processor and Qualcomm snapdragon

Galaxy Labs Supplements

The Galaxy Labs application contains several tools such as the Memory Guardian application that helps you to know which applications are consuming a large amount of memory and other options such as dividing the memory according to the system and applications

We also find the thermal guardian feature to prevent your phone from overheating through a control bar that shows you the device’s temperature level, you can set it if you suffer from poor device performance

Among the latest updates brought by the galaxy labs application: saving power during sleep, which will reduce the consumption of applications running in the background, which will increase the efficiency of the processor and extend the life of the battery

whats is the thermal guardian feature in galaxy labs

Thermal guardian is an application that can control the temperature of a Samsung phone and monitor the performance of the device throughout the day

 and alerts you with notifications or a taskbar on the screen that any changes in the temperature of the device occur, and in the event that it notices a high temperature of the phone, it will reduce the speed of the central processor of the phone

Samsung phones temperature checking app and control (increase Battery Health)


That is why if you are interested in preserving your Samsung phone and extending its battery life, you should try galaxy labs tools that provide an enemy of professional features to maintain your phone, and do not forget that it is an application provided by Samsung, meaning that it is very reliable and you will certainly notice the difference in the speed and performance of the device, you can download it From galaxy store for free


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