8 applications speed up your phone, you must delete it quickly


8 applications speed up your phone, you must delete it quickly

We always come across many applications on the Google Play Store that claim to speed up your phone and in order not to unfair many honest apps, there are deceptive apps.

And recently the trend Micro security company revealed a set of trusted applications that really help you boost the speed of your phone.

That is why if you are one of the people who are searching or interested in applications that make the phone fast and smooth, you should take a look at the list of applications that we have put below and you should avoid downloading them and searching for others.

Applications that speed up the phone clean up temporary files of applications and stored browsing data, and thus some applications take advantage of these processes by placing many ads that are annoying to users without providing any value.

This turns the situation to the opposite and makes your phone very slow because of the large number of ads.

According to the trend micro company, here is a list of 8 applications that claim to make your phone fast, you should remove them and avoid downloading them for any purpose whatsoever.

  1. Shoot Clean junk cleaner

  2. Super clean lite booster

  3. Super clean phone booster

  4. Quick games H5 Game center

  5. Rocket cleaner

  6. Rocket cleaner liter

  7. Speed clean phone booster

  8. H5 gamebox

If you install any of these applications, your phone will not only be heavy but will also impersonate you to add a 5-star rating to the application in the Google Play Store in order to motivate more users.

The goal of the many ads, of course, first and foremost is to raise money for the developers of these applications

It is also mentioned that these applications also contain malicious software for spying, and also to steal your data and the information of your various bank accounts or those established on social media.

They can also plant a malicious program that works without your order by downloading applications and registering in them, especially the paid applications that request payment of money, for this, dear reader, you must take care to protect your privacy and security


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