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best 5 free photo editing software 2021:photo editing software for beginners and easy to learn

Do you want the best free photo editing software with high quality and the most important thing is free and without any costs such as photoshop, this article is very suitable for you
best 5 free photo editing software 2021:photo editing software for beginners and easy to learn

Now we let you know about the best 5 photo editing software for computers and can be used for free, with a gift as additional free editing software for photos for the readers. We hope you like it.

Adobe Photoshop Express

#5 pic editor

Photoshop Express, without needing any experience or skills to modify images, is easy to use and suitable for people who want to quickly edit images, and the most important thing is that it is completely free.
It doesn't have all the professional features of a premium photoshop, but it does have great tools to enhance photos, with loads of effects, filters, and an excellent set of themes,

If you are a new user of the program, it gives you easy tools to control, it contains 45 eye-catching effects,
it enables you to cut and fix images, take pictures from within the program, control lighting and position, add shadows, control the temperature of images, auto fix, support various RAW image formats.
Adobe photoshop express is the best photo editing software for windows 10, you can download it directly from the official store of Microsoft, it also has a program that supports android and ios systems.

PhotoScape X

#4 Photo Editor for Mac and Windows 10.

In addition to photo editing, the photoscape x package allows you to create and merge photos into one image, take a screenshot, and support RAW image formats.
To convert your photos, it contains many features and tools to add effects and filters, and also allows removing the background of images, and those who work on editing more than one image provides you with advantages that facilitate this

Among the features it contains are: GIF creator, split, photo merge, and it supports many languages.
Photoscape X is available in both free and paid versions, but the free version can serve the purpose for beginners and as a start-up for their projects or creativity.
It is available on Windows 10 only, and Mac OS 10 or more devices, also allows Windows XP, 7,8, Vista users to copy photoscape x 3.7.


#3 software paint

Free photo editing software for windows only was released in 2004 and is an alternative to paint application, and still gets updated periodically.
It is characterized by a very simple and easy-to-use user interface for anyone, supports layers, special effects, unlimited undo, active communities provide you with help and lessons for the beginning of its use and its professionalism

The program was developed by Microsoft, to become a powerful and simple-to-use photo-editing tool, and it has been compared to some programs specialized in editing paid images adobe photoshop, the GIMP, Corel, and many more
Features: faster, image editor, simple, layers, online community, automatic update, amazing tools, special effects and filters, and the most important thing for free without paying a single penny.
You can get it on Windows in various versions from the official website, or you can get it from the Microsoft Store for $ 7 once in life to support program developers.


#2 Krita drawings

Krita’s free and open-source program may be a little difficult to get used to at first but it is the best, it is rated free painting software for 2019.
It is used in painting digital art, texture, graphics, and comics, without borders and interface, flexible user, the ability to modify the workspace by moving tools to any place, contains dark and light themes, more than 30 dockers

Among the tools, it contains brushes with more than 100 beautiful brushes that give you several effects, and come with brush stabilizers if your hand is moving or trembling,
vector and text with a set of tools for creating comics, and a varied library of templates, and also adding text to your drawings and your artwork
Also, Krita animation: you can draw two-dimensional images in a professional manner, and it supports extracting audio clips and converting graphics into a video clip, supports PSD, layers, drawing, python script, HDR painting, and many more features

The site also provides you with free lessons and lectures on professionalizing the application, a completely free program that works on various Windows systems,
and you can also download it from the Microsoft Windows 10 store, Linux, and Mac OS, and also provides a portable version for download and a code source for the program to modify it.


#1 gimp editor

We have ranked it as number one in the list of the top 5 photo editing software, it is a completely free and open-source program, you can download the program code, modify it and redistribute it as you like.
GIMP contains professional features and tools such as those found in paid programs, it can run various image formats with high accuracy, in addition to Photoshop files, with advanced filters and effects, color correction feature and the ability to work with layers,

To read more about the GIMP program here: Top free pc software 2021:antivirus software, video editors, free downloads, and more

online photo editor(bonus picks)

This free package of web app works on various browsers Chrome, Firefox, and helps you to edit images online without uploading or downloading, to increase your speed of editing


pixlr is the number one online photo editing tool, as it contains several professional tools, features, and templates ready to be modified directly from your browser,
and it is also mentioned that the tools work with the support of artificial intelligence, to make the editing operations very quickly and accurately, pixlr supports various image and project formats such as PSD, photoshop, png, Webp, and a lot more


Another web apps fotor if you want simple, fast, and at the same time, professional adjustments.
Of course, it is the most appropriate option because it contains more than a billion effects, and is used by more than 450 million users.

You can modify images, merge images, or create your own design directly from your browser, with many templates with a professional design to modify them,
and it contains a huge library of tools that Makes it the right place for online photo editing.


Photopea best free online photo editor, which allows you to edit photos, add special effects, filters, add text to images, enlarge and cut the size of images, all these features and more for free and directly from your browser

When entering the site, you find a user-friendly interface that supports PSD templates and layers, which can be considered a fierce competitor to Photoshop,
and the most important thing is that you can save your projects in several formats, the most important of which is Photoshop.


We have provided you with the best collection of photo editing with various features and effects, you can choose from them what suits you and all are free to use.

If you have any opinions or comments, please read them under the box, and include your opinion in the list of best free photo editing software 2021

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