telegram allows bringing chat history from WhatsApp: a new tool to chat migrate

In the latest update to the Telegram application, a new feature was added that allows users to transfer their conversation history from several applications, such as WhatsApp, directly to the application.

telegram allows bringing chat history from WhatsApp: a new tool to chat migrate
As the Telegram application seeks to benefit by all available means from the comments that affected the WhatsApp application and its explicit policy of violating the privacy of the user,
as is mentioned after the uproar on the WhatsApp application, Telegram attracted more than 25 million users who logged into the platform.
Bringing the total number of Telegram application users to about 500 million users.
Telegram is not the only application that has benefited from the media wave against WhatsApp. The Signal Private Messenger application, which is recommended by many experts in protecting and ensuring the privacy of users, has also increased the number of its users.
And other messaging apps like thereema and wicker provide end to end encryption protection.
According to what Telegram said, it won about 100 million new users at the beginning of January,
and that is why Telegram is launching the new feature to pull chat records and history from WhatsApp in an effort to acquire more users.
Withdrawing chat history from Telegram supports several messaging applications such as line and kakaOtalk, special migration of messages works on personal accounts or chat groups.
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In addition, Telegram has added a feature to report fake and suspicious accounts that come back and impersonate famous personalities, companies, and organizations.
WhatsApp After the wave about lack of understanding of its new privacy policies, it decided to postpone it in early January to another date to accept its policy from February 8 to May 15.
WhatsApp says that it will not suspend or freeze any accounts on May 8 and is now working to review the terms and conditions for users' acceptance of the new privacy policy,
and it will give clarifications and details about its new policy, which is questionable for all users who are afraid of threatening their freedom and privacy.
WhatsApp will repair the misunderstanding that occurred among the users at an increasing rate before the feature is activated on May 15th
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