firefox 85 add new privacy features 2021: removes flash, network partitioning, supercookies, and more

Mozilla today announced the release of a new version of its browser, Firefox 85, as the new browser supports removing support for the use of the adobe flash player plugin and also comes with more stable privacy protection by adding defenses called supercookies.

firefox 85 add new privacy features 2021: removes flash, network partitioning, supercookies, and more

After Mozilla announced its intention to remove support for flash player in 2017,
here it is today, it has finally joined the rest of the browsers Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple to stop supporting add-ons for adobe flash player.
It is also mentioned that Adobe announced the suspension of its flash player service on December 31, 2020, meaning that it will not receive any new updates at all.
Firefox 85 is not the first to remove and discontinue flash as it was preceded by both Chrome 88 and Edge 88 releases last month.

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Firefox 85 to network partitioning and super cookies protection

The amazing and big feature of Firefox 85 is its use of network partitioning.
Network partitioning is to divide the Firefox cache for each website separately, and this is one of the appropriate technical solutions that prevent monitoring and tracking users' activities while browsing
According to a statement to Mozilla today that the supercookies feature can be used instead of regular cookies while storing user IDs, and it is difficult to delete or attend.
In the old days, trackers of user activities could easily obtain user IDs in addition to flash storage
That is why in this new update, Firefox 85 Mozilla focused on its work on reducing the effectiveness of extracting and using supercookies by trackers, thus protecting the user's privacy while browsing.
It is noteworthy that the new feature, network partitioning, was expected to significantly affect the performance of websites and browsing, but Mozilla said that the effect is slightly ineffective.
Mozilla says that calculating the speed of the sites while using the new feature reached the page-load between 0.09℅ to 0.75℅, which is very acceptable due to the great importance of protecting the privacy and files of users while browsing the sites.

Firefox 85 new features

Among the features of the new version of Firefox 85 are:
  • A new way to save bookmarks inside Firefox while keeping the files saved in the old copies
  • The ability to remove the bookmarks file from the bookmarks toolbar easily and with one click on the menu
  • Firefox 85 comes with the feature of deleting user data with one click to allow another user to record their own data
All the changes and new additions brought by Firefox 85 browser, you can view them from the official source of the company by clicking here
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